Working To Spread The Gospel In Tanzania...

Dear Supporters, Family and Friends,

We're enjoying a beautiful warm of the few we've had lately. Rain has dominated our days these past few weeks. Our routine has centered around trying to catch a little sunshine in which to dry our clothes. In the morning, Stuart runs out to the clothesline to hang items. Then, in 2-3 hours when the rain starts, we all run out to gather them before they get soaked again. In another hour or so, we take the damp clothes back outside, hoping for a little more sunshine. Then, a little later its out to the line again hoping the items are nearly dry, before the rain starts again. If still damp, then the clothes are strung out in the house.

Most of you already know that our 14-year-old daughter Candace was baptized on March 10 (just happened to be her Grandma's birthday). It reminds us of the verse that states, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." (III Jn 1:4). That definitely sums it up!

Ralph and Cindy Williams arrived last week. Having lost count of their trips to Tanzania, we cannot call them guests anymore (they do not like that term even when it means they get to eat first! ha/ha). One is blessed simply by being in the presence of this sincere and dedicated couple who work diligently in spreading the Gospel in many areas. The Williams’ are working here for 3 weeks doing various things. Some of their work will be at the new church plant in Njiro Chini (the first baptism was a couple of weeks ago). Ralph is also teaching a class in the ACSOP and Cindy is speaking at the ladies' seminars being held at Usa River and Njiro Chini. These seminars are a special project of the Williams' to help the Tanzanian ladies increase their Bible knowledge. Cindy spoke on the danger and sin of slander, laying the foundation by teaching about love first.

Yesterday, Ahimidiwe preached to a packed church building. He announced what most people now know: our daughter Abigail is engaged to be married to Adam Rymon, who has served as the pulpit minister at Coventry Hills church of Christ (Pottstown, PA) for the past four years. Their plans are to be married in Tanzania in April, return to the states for a summer of fund-raising to finance their work in Tanzania for approximately 5 years. Adam and Abigail's efforts will be focused on building and operating the Parker Memorial Library for the purpose of improving lives in matters secular and spiritual (many evangelistic out-reach opportunities will be offered by the library).

Working to spread the Gospel in Tanzania (or any foreign country or even in the states) is always a combined effort of the talents, skills and financial means of many people. Just like a hospital involves the efforts of each doctor, nurse and staff member in order to help people physically. Thank you for all you have done to make the TZ 2000 work a success.

Another $1000 has been contributed to our travel funds to return to the states. We are grateful for the financial sacrifices that many have made in order for us to serve in Tanzania. Thanks are due to each and every one of you for considering our needs as we prepare to begin another chapter in our lives.

With Love from Africa,
The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on March 23, 2014 .