News Out Of Togo Is Exciting...

The Nyiveme congregation was blessed with eight baptisms in January. CBS student, Djambacou, was baptized as well as the wife of student Assuka. The Lord is blessing the Kpalime area churches of Christ through evangelism by students and the weekly radio program.

The Kpalime area churches met to wish each other a happy and a prosperous New Year. The occasion was also used to plan programs for inter-congregational activities. The preacher’s wives also met to launch their annual women’s program.

CBS organizes a three day campaign
Rodrigue, instructor at CBS and the preacher at the Avetonu Church of Christ requested the assistance of CBS in a 3 day gospel outreach program. The goal of this program was to strengthen the Atiyi Church of Christ and to win more souls. Evangelists present included: Rodrigue, Cephas, Raymond and Jean. Students who were part of the team were Daniel and Nicodemus. The Alikpoji Church of Christ also participated in this outreach program.

Three congregations to benefit from Church building fund
It was a great joy to know that brother Walter of the Blanco Church has donated $1,500.00 to help provide a meeting places for three congregations. There are still several more congregations needing help. One couple, Aaron and Brittany Morrison, has also adopted two preachers with $100.00 each month and has donated $1,000.00 towards two more church buildings.

10 more congregations need places of worship
Funds have been disbursed for work to begin on the construction of a meeting place for the Hanyigba and Tutu congregations. The following congregations are also in need of a place to worship: Tsame, Atakpame, Kpadape, Notse, Agoe, Tugbli, Klime, Danyinu, Zomayi, and Yorkele.

Note: The Agou congregation has started meeting in a rented building, so the fund will be used by another congregation for now.

The Zomayi congregation is trying to secure land in the area where they meet before the construction can take place. We are therefore providing funds to those who have access to land for construction. Names of preachers who are supported and congregations benefiting from the building fund will be published in my next newsletter

The Tsame Church of Christ was started by one of our current students. While in the denomination, he started five churches. Now he is helping to convert all the churches he had started to become the Church of Christ. He is facing a lot of challenges, but is committed to the process. The principal (Cephas) continues to teach these new Christians and those who are yet to be baptized. One of the congregations that meets under bamboo sticks and palm branches are brethren who have renounced denominationalism and have embraced the teachings of the New Testament. Continue to pray for the Tsame Church of Christ. The land on which they are meeting is a half plot that the owner is ready to sell to them, but they do not have the funds. Imagine what happens should it rain on Sunday.

Adoption Project
Are you interested in adopting a congregation by supporting the preacher with a $100 each month and helping to build a meeting place at a cost of $500? You will receive a monthly report from the preacher and establish communication with the congregation?

Attah is one of our recent graduates and now teaches the French class. He also assists David Wamma, the preacher at Akpadape.

CBS students conduct Christian service to reduce cost of construction
Work progresses steadily on the Tutu church building. The Kpadape congregation is to be renovated. Brother Hershel Walters of the Blanco Church of Christ sent $1,500.00 for the construction of meeting places for three congregations. Funds have already been provided for construction work at Tutu and Hanyigba and renovation work will also be carried out on the Akpadape meeting place.

Two preachers receive help
Assuka is a 2013 graduate of CBS. He is now working with the Zomayi congregation and helps with the World radio sponsored weekly radio program. Assuka is married to Matilda (a petty trader) and they have one child. The Zomayi congregation is new and came out of a denomination.

Jean is a 2007 graduate of CBS. He came to the school as a baptist, but was baptized six months into the course. He worked as an associate minister at the Nyiveme Church of Christ and later planted the Hanyigba congregation. Recently he started teaching at CBS. He is married and has three sons. Jean has worked faithfully without support since 2007. The wife is a nurse at the Kpalime government hospital.

New Preacher Training School starts in Doboro Eeastern Region near Accra
Opening ceremony of Southern Institute of Biblical Studies was held on the 14th of February. I was able to visit for the opening ceremonies. More on the new school is found on Bear Valley’s website.

Gospel Chariot Evangelism Tour
The evangelism tour started on the 15th of January and had to be halted for reinforcement of some of the metals under the truck. The work has been completed and we are about to resume the tour from the 13th of March.

From the 15th of January thru the 13th of February, eleven congregations in eleven different locations were visited resulting in 30 baptisms. One could see the joy on the faces of brethren when the Chariot rolls into town. Christian brethren have been greatly encouraged by our presence.

Activities on the tour included the following: Public preaching each night, visit to high schools in town, tract distribution at the WBS stand, personal bible studies, counseling, enrollment of students for WBS Bible correspondence course, teaching and preaching in the local congregations.

The Chariot came in at the right time when many congregations were yearning for the rekindling of passion for evangelism. God is touching the hearts of many and the church is receiving much publicity in towns and villages.

Ghana-Togo Mission
Work on the three classroom shed is almost complete. It will house Nursery, KG 1 and KG 2.

Parent / Teacher Meeting
Parents and teachers met recently to deliberate on pertinent issues affecting the growth of the school. Such a meeting will be held once every semester. Contact me to enquire how you may partner with Mars Hill to educate these young ones. These children are future members of the Church in Golokuati and beyond.

Mission Printing
A leader from a local congregation loading boxes of tracts onto a taxi. Congregations use the tracts in house to house evangelism and also give them out to visitors present during worship services.

Gospel Chariot Mission Statistics

Congregations visited - 11
Baptisms - 30
Tracts distributed - over 4000
New students enrolled - 4094

Report by Willie Gley

Posted on March 16, 2014 .