CBIW Prepares For the Gamma Batch Set To Begin In 2015...

Dearest  in Christ,

Greetings from this end. We do hope this report meets you in good health and sound faith. I am writing to say thank you Lord for His greatness and providence to us throughout 2014. This e-mail report of the work in CBIW is the last e-mail in 2014.

The students are all off from Wotutu, except for few who are staying out of the dormitories with their wives. They are still pending with final preparations to move to their new locations for full-time ministries.

God is blessing CBIW in many ways. One of the ways is that our weekend evangelism, end of quarter campaigns, mass campaigns, Bible lectureships, and other programs in congregations help expose our students to potential congregations who will always love to employ them to start their ministry with them, even though without any support. As of now, all 23 students who graduated have congregations and they will start work in January 2015. Two of our students will be working in two congregations in Abuja, Nigeria. They are Nigerians, so they did one campaign in Abuja and now two congregations call them up because their services are needed.

Keep these young evangelists in your prayers as they face the challenges that are common with ministry, but two years in CBIW fortified and empowered them as the apostle Paul told Timothy, “Endure hardship as a true soldier of Christ. Do the work of an evangelist.” It is not easy, but God is faithful and God is the best employer. God does not owe anyone.

Some preachers in Cameroon decided to come together to see how they can better their lives as they preach. Preachers in Cameroon don’t have any social insurance benefits, so a preacher works with his local congregation with whatever that congregation will give him as a stipend for his work. If a preacher is sick no one can help if his family cannot help, and eventually when the preacher dies, his family is left like that and later thrown out of the house because they cannot longer pay rent. Preachers live a deplorable lifestyle throughout ministry.

The Wotutu congregation came together today to worship. God is blessing us as we face the persecution that is befalling us, mostly after the death of our student Assah Menge Peter.

This weekend, the GAMMA batch will make their way to Wotutu, as they will be introduced to the Wotutu congregation before they start their studies on the 5th of January 2015. Keep them in your prayers as they travel down to Wotutu. A brother is already in my house since the graduation with his wife and two children. He comes from far away in Akwaya, an enclave community that contains 99 villages. The church is not there, so we praise God for His coming because that will be our frequent mission field, to get the Lord’s church scattered everywhere there, that these souls will be rescued by the grace of God from darkness of their traditions and come to the light of the gospel that will shine in their dark world.

We need to improve our public address system, which is a great evangelistic stool. This PA system has aided us a lot in our evangelistic efforts for the past 4 years daily. We need to improve the amplifier and speakers, so that the waves of our early morning program will go further and many lives will be touched by the gospel and peradventure transform to converts.

We shall not cease to thank you for all that you do for the work in Cameroon. We keep you in our prayers and pray that God will continue to bless you, so that you will be source of blessings to others. Thanks for all your love, sacrifice, prayers, and support. God alone will replenish it for you.

Make a great day, as we all wait to see the dawn of 2015.  Happy New Year in advance. We pray God will make your 2015 fruitful and full with the blessings He has kept for His people, of which you are one. Keep the following in your prayers and thoughts

Wotutu Congregation
Cameroon Bible Institute
Bright land Christian Academy
Buea Central Prison Ministry
Our mission trips

Do your best to share this news with other. God bless and watch over you, your family, and the entire congregation.   

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on December 28, 2014 .