Blessing Tanzania Missions And ACSOP...

As the year is winding down our team has been busy making plans, setting goals, and preparing the budget for the next year in Tanzania. The Lord has certainly blessed Tanzania Missions and the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. We are grateful for the tireless fund raising that Cy Stafford has done, and continues to do, and for so many generous congregations and benevolent individuals that have made this work possible.

In addition to our organizational goal setting and budgeting, Anita and I have been doing the same on a personal level. We are excited about our small part of this wonderful work and are looking forward to seeing how God will use us during 2015. Concerning our personal budget, we understand that a missionary's income is always in a state of flux because it all comes from contributions. There are a number of reasons that contributors, whether congregations or individuals, cease their giving. Regardless of the reasons, it happens and we need to take the necessary steps to remedy any disparity. During our furlough earlier this year we gained some support and we lost some support. Taking this into consideration we have crunched our numbers and have finalized our budget for 2015 and we find ourselves with a fairly substantial deficit; a deficit of a little more than $1200.00 per month. Utilities in Tanzania have risen by 90% in the last two years not to mention skyrocketing food cost and gas that is nearing $6.00 per gallon. I won't even go into detail about the financial hit we take because of governmental corruption. We have eliminated savings, retirement and medical insurance from the budget as well. This is a no frills, trim all the fat, do what you gotta do to get the job done, budget.

With the end of the year approaching many are considering how they might be able to make their final tax deductions for 2014. It just so happens that I have a great suggestion for where you can do that very thing! All kidding aside we would like to plead with you to consider us in your tax strategy and charitable giving. All contributions that are sent through Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver are tax-deductible (please see the check example at the bottom). Wouldn't you much rather put your funds toward the spread of the gospel than toward Uncle Sam and his 17 trillion dollar deficit?

We hope you will take the time to carefully and prayerfully consider our need and request. We love the Lord and we love His work in Tanzania and we are praying for the financial boost we need to continue doing our part during 2015.

May God continue to bless you in the upcoming year.

In His service,
Sean & Anita Hochdorf

Posted on December 21, 2014 .