Conflict Resolution Seminar...

Conflict resolution was the primary focus of the past week. Dave Miller, an active police officer in the northeastern part of the country, currently teaches police officers in areas of conflict resolution. Since he is a Christian, it seemed a perfect fit to ask Dave to teach this subject at Bear Valley and share his expertise in this area. The benefit of these classes is immeasurable in helping students learn how to deal with the conflict they will face in the years of ministry ahead.

The work of these students is encouraging, and they are being equipped in ways to better deal with the conflict they encounter in ministry, thus helping strengthen relationships within the church. The theme of the seminar this year was “Leading Through Conflict.” Students were provided material to educate them in leadership and various areas of conflict. Additionally, they were given scenarios involving conflict they worked to solve and discuss. The educational and hands-on / practical approach is a blessing to their understanding.

Students around the world also continued in their studies, designed to prepare them for ministry. Each week in the extensions, apart from the day to day studies, students are also involved in evangelistic outreach. The results of their efforts are changing the eternal destination of souls in each location. Information about their activities is located in the reports provided below.

Please continue to pray for the work in Denver and in the various locations where we are excited and privileged to partner around the world. God continues to bless all that is done. To Him be the glory!! 

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

The latest report from Luis Comacho about his recent trip to Paraguay can be found here.

Extension Reports 

Moving Toward The Dry Season And Preparing For Gradation: As the dry season approaches in Cameroon, students are preparing to graduate and enter full-time ministry.

Completing A U.S. Visit, Devastation From Recent Hurricane: John Dean completes his recent trip to the U.S., while reflecting on the devastation from the recent hurricane in India.

A New Class Of Seventeen Students In Takoradi, Ghana: The West Coast School of Preaching prepares a new class of students for their program of study and ministry.

Annual Lectureship, Ladies Program, And A Holiday In Uganda: As the program grows at the Uganda School of Evangelism, students in Congo plan a visit home for the holidays.

Evangelism, Lectures, and A Funeral Were All Part Of The Activities: The activities at the Southwest School of Evangelism keep the staff and students busy in ministry.

A Recent Evangelism Meeting Demonstrates The Power Of God’s Word: Evangelists in the Arusha area recently met to discuss the challenges and successes of their efforts.

Final Thoughts 
We know that saying “thank you” seems repetitious, but no matter how many times we say it, the attitude of sincerity behind it is just as strong. We love and appreciate all you do to help with the development of training preachers. We pray you are encouraged by the work that is accomplished through this program.

God bless

Posted on November 16, 2014 .