Completing A U.S. Visit, Devastation From Recent Hurricane...

Dear Brethren in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior. I hope this email finds you all good. I am doing fine, in a couple of weeks from now I will be winding up my visit to USA and heading back home. It is my privilege to share this work report with you all, thank you very much for your concern.

Visiting Bear Valley & Lake Houston
I was thoroughly blessed to attend the 50th Annul Lectureship at Bear Valley. It has been a great privilege for me to visit with some wonderful brethren who went to school at BVBID and have been preaching, especially doing an outstanding job in the mission field across the world.

Also, It is a blessing to visit with the brethren at Lake Houston, who have been a great support for the Preacher Training School in Visakhapatnam. I certainly believe that this occasion has given a great opportunity to meet all the brethren in person and to thank them for their part in this successful Lord’s ministry in India, that is training our men to carry out the gospel. I do thank them for giving me time to explain our 20 year work plan of establishing 500 congregations in this part of our country. We pray that our Lord will keep us bound to work more rigorously to educate several men to reach out the lost millions for the rescuing them out of the eternal destruction.  

Report on the Hurricane Hudud:  As it was portrayed by the weatherman, a Category 4 hurricane sure does damage beyond the expression of human words. We were able to take pictures of a few among thousands of other damaged spots in Visakha and other northern districts. Power lines, cell-phone towers were collapsed, the airport was damaged, along with several church buildings and prayer sheds were badly damaged.                                         

The glass doors were torn into pieces, due to which Rice bags in the store room were damaged (became wet). The front wind screens, in front of the main building, that was torn out. The compound wall behind the building was damaged. We have 6 rest rooms outside of the main building those were broken and torn into pieces. In the same case several preachers and congregations in this area were very badly affected too.

Gospel Out Reach
Besides the circumstances, our faculty and students were able to attend a couple of Preachers’ Fellowship meetings. During the same time our students held a campaign to reach out to several people with the good news, distributing gospel tracts and holding Bible studies.

In a few months from now, 15 students will complete their two year program to receive their diploma. We are planning for a week long class on Christian counseling in the third week of January ’15. On the last week of January ’15, brother Jerry Bates will be teaching ‘Preacher and his Work’ to the under graduates.

During my visit, I met brother Therman Hodge, who is willing to teach couple of classes with the Master Class students.  We have scheduled his classes to be in the third week of March. 10th April our class 2015 will be graduating, brother Jerry Bates is planning on being there.

Mission Report Sep. - Oct.:
Number Gospel meetings held - 12
Number of doors knocked: 238
Bible Studies Held - 43
Number of People Baptized - 6

We are grateful to God for His mercy who spared us from the recent Hurricane, at the same time we are mindful of those victims who are still suffering from the after affects. Please continue your prayers as we also do for you. We thank the brethren at Bear Valley for their commitment to reach out the unreached, at the same time appreciating the brethren at Lake Houston who are helping us to fulfill this great mission.

God bless you all, in Christ,

John Dean M

Posted on November 16, 2014 .