The Lord Adds To The Church In Togo...

Kpodzi Church of Christ has a meeting place.
David has every reason to smile. A few weeks ago, David was concerned with the worship place of the Tsame Church of Christ. An appeal was launched and someone was touched to respond. The Tsame Church was blessed with funds to purchase the land and erect a structure for meeting. One interesting thing that happened was that the very time payment for the land was to be made, the owner decided to triple the price of the land because it was in a prime area on the outskirts of Kpalime. However, God had prepared another place for the church just across the street on a hill overlooking the city of Kpalime. Brethren purchased the land and completed the structure within a week and had the place ready for worship the following Sunday. 

Students and instructors were on site to assist with the construction. The brethren are grateful and asked God’s blessing on the donor. Due to change in location, there is the need for the change in the name of the Tsame Church of Christ, it is now Kpodzi Church of Christ. 

A family is added to the Nyivme church of Christ. 
Mrs. Abalo recently attended a seminar at CBS and informed her husband and the children of the teachings she had received. The family visited the church a couple of times and listened to the radio program each Sunday while reading the tracts they received from the church. The entire family of four decided recently to obey the gospel. 

The family currently worships with the Nyiveme Church of Christ. The family used to worship with the Zion Hill Church, a charismatic church in Kpalime. 

Four Baptized During EYOH Campaign
On the 25th - 27th of September, the EYOH Church of Christ organized a three day campaign for Christ. The three day campaign produced four additions to the Eyoh Church of Christ. The activities include the following: Open air preaching, house to house Bible study, tract distribution, Jesus film show, and Passion of the Christ. In all, there were 12 preachers, 18 students, ten members of the Nyiveme congregation, 4 members from the Hanyigba congregation and 14 members of the Eyoh congregation were present to assist in this worthy cause.

Todego Achille Teaches Short Course at CBS 
Todego teaches at the Benin Center for Biblical Studies. We recently invited him to teach the book of Hebrews at CBS. We will continue to use such teachers in our future programs. 

Tract Distribution by CBS Students 
We spent a couple of hours on a Friday distributing tracts in the city of Kpalime. We were in the shops, market place, homes, offices, and also set up a distribution center along a major street. 

The tracts were donated through George Funk of Gospel Chariot Mission in South Africa. The church of Christ is reaching many through its outreach programs which include: tracts distribution, radio program, Bible correspondence courses, and house to house personal work. 

Chariot driver Atsou helps with distribution of tracts 
Ever since his conversion in August, Atsou has not rested from telling people about the Church of Christ; he is on fire for the Lord. On my recent trip to Kpalime, he was part of my team during the tract distribution. Atsou is so excited about the church and even confided in me that there is nothing that will send him back into denominationalism. The ‘pastor’ of his former church is still trying to lure him back because he claimed they miss his skillful drumming during worship service. However, Atsou has vowed never to look back. They have tried to convince him to propose a salary. Atsou now understands that the use of instrument is not commanded in the New Testament Church worship. 

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Posted on October 26, 2014 .