An Alumni Report That Is Incredibly Impressive...

This years Tanzania leadership conference (TLC) was very successful. We thank God for the numerous speakers that came from throughout East Africa to deliver great lessons from the book of Nehemiah. In addition to the large crowd and great speakers we were privileged to have 34 ACSOP Alumni present this year. We were very grateful to have our brethren from Kenya and Uganda in attendance. They brought great encouragement to those of us who live and preach in Tanzania.TLC was a great opportunity for brethren to be edified and enjoy a level of fellowship that is only available at this type of gathering.

During the conference the Alumni met for dinner. Cy Stafford, Daniel Gaines and other faculty members presented lessons to encourage the alumni to work together to build the kingdom of God in East Africa and beyond. The first and second year students had the privilege of serving their predecessors the meal. 

One reason for our alumni meeting was to take a survey to try and gather some information about the growth of the kingdom in their respective areas. We had 20 surveys turned in and the results were encouraging.

1.    24 congregations were planted that accounted for a membership of over 1035 members over the past four years.

2.    Approximately 204 new souls were added to the kingdom this year through gospel meetings and seminars.

The biggest challenge for many of the graduates is a place to worship. Many are renting space or worshipping in school buildings. While we understand that a building doesn’t define who we are, in Africa, a building is a sign of legitimacy to our fellow Africans.

We thank God for a successful leadership conference, our faithful brethren who are preaching throughout East Africa, and for you, our dedicated supporters.

In Him,

Godfrey Mngoma
Dean of Students, Andrew Connally School of Preaching
A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school
Arusha, Tanzania

Posted on October 26, 2014 .