Graduation Approaches In Chimala And New Students Prepare...

We were privileged to travel to Arusha, Tanzania and attend the Leadership Conference at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching this month. We spoke twice on Nehemiah and heard many local preachers speak on this vital topic. It was so inspiring and rewarding to see the unity and strong desire to advance the cause of Christ of Tanzanian, Kenyan and Ugandan brethren.  

I was able to stay with Cy and Stephanie Stafford, and their hospitality was outstanding. The house guests included Ralph and Cindy Williams. Boaz Kasiba, one of the teachers at CBI and an elder in the local church, also traveled to the conference and spoke on leadership. He was invited to preach at the local church on Sunday. Boaz and I then traveled back to Chimala where we both began teaching our students. 

Boaz is teaching the Holy Spirit and Revelation, and I am teaching World Religions and Church History. Along with the rest of the teachers, we are also making plans for the next school year. We already have 27 students lined up to come in 2015. We are pleased to have a large group from other countries besides Tanzania in our student body. 

Jean Niyonkuru is from Burundi. He was converted in a regugee camp and desires to return to his country and build the church when he finishes. Mkoko Celestin was converted by a World Bible School track while in the refugee camp and is from the Congo. He has been a Christian since 2010 and has a strong desire to return to the Congo when he finishes at Chimala Bible Institute. 

Asenda Evaristo became a Christian when the local preacher from Kidoma, Tanzania taught him the gospel in 2003. He has a tremendous passion for learning the New Testament and also desires to return to his war torn country when he is able to “preach Christ.” 

Another refugee from the Congo is Makyambe Mwinde Eminya. He was converted when he started the study provided by the World Bible School and his teacher was a Christian woman from Texas. He was baptized when he learned the truth and was able to attend the school of preaching in Dar es Salaam. After finishing there, he wanted to continue his Bible education and is now finishing his first year in the English program at the Chimala Bible Institute. He says he is here because he wants to “learn the whole Bible” so he can return to the Congo and preach.

It is students like these men who make the work at CBI so rewarding, men who are willing to sacrifice to prepare themselves to share the gospel to their homes. May God continue to bless them and all of our students’ efforts to serve God.

Garry L. Hill
Director of Chimala Bible Institute
for the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver

Posted on October 19, 2014 .