Areawide Evangelism Meeting Leads To 40 Calls Or Texts...

Greetings Fellow Servants, 

We rejoice with humble hearts in the fact we are privileged to serve together in the seeking and saving of the lost of this world, to the glory of our Heavenly Father. Thank you for caring, for praying, and for your support of God’s mission effort here in Tanzania. There is always so much good going on, being reported, and so little space to share. Here are a couple of recent events that really demonstrate God’s love and His power at work in the lives of His saints here in Tanzania. 

It works brother as you always work work work work work work...” Godfrey Mngoma (evangelist for the Arusha congregation, team leader for our Translation team, ACSOP instructor and President of the ACSOP Alumni Association) wrote regarding the baptism of our new sister in Christ, Diana. 

Yesterday, at the Arusha areawide Evangelism meeting (each month the evangelist from the eight congregations in Arusha get together and discuss how they can help one another in the discipling of the lost of this area and as well as the Lord’s church) Godfrey recounted the Arusha congregation’s outreach plan (and results). For the last 90 days each member was given one Bible tract (at each church service) and simply asked to give it to a friend, neighbor or co-worker, etc. Godfrey puts his phone number on each tract, insuring anyone who has a question or would like additional information can call him. 

As a result, more than 40 calls or text have been received. They have met with and established 34 Bible studies, had two visitors at the worship service, and one soul has already been added to the Kingdom. The secret? Willing hearts.....willing hands.....and yes, work, work, work! What a truly simple, yet amazing idea. 

Another great example of team work, unity, cooperation, and love as the report of each man at the Arusha Evangelism meeting regarding the increase the Lord has given this year alone in His church in the Arusha area. At least 132 souls have said yes to the saving message of the Gospel. Amen! Thanks be to our God, great things He is doing!

There are many factors that made this possible: for sure the love of God, the power of the gospel, our friends and supporters, and because each of these congregations are being lead by trained, qualified, faithful evangelist who have studied God’s Word at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching and are now taking the gospel of our Lord to their own people. Preacher training schools are an amazing way to “disciple the world.” 

May your week be fruitful as you continue in your service to Him and to His people, the people of the world. Let us never forget, God is always willing and able if we are willing to serve. God is love. Let us love one another.

Please remember Granny in your prayers. She has some health issues that are troubling her (and us). We believe, and know, God is able and that He always answers the prayers of His righteous in the best way possible. 

Until all have heard...

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on October 19, 2014 .