Students Enter Their Final Quarter Of Study In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ, 

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Christ. We do hope you are doing great and God continues to do His work in our lives and the work He has entrusted in our hands.

Last week at CBIW went on well. Classes are going on well as students keep growing and anticipating being in the field to labor tirelessly for the Lord. Keep praying for them.

In the cause of the week, all the teachers in our communities came to Wotutu for their meeting and they recognized the church of Christ to come and exhort the entire group which was above 700 in attendance. We had opportunity to discuss, have fellowship with them, and give tracts to many.

After the exhortation, I had them with many of the teachers who came out of Wotutu who had not heard anything about the church of Christ. It was awesome for our students sit and watch as I addressed questions about denominationalism. Many want us to study some more in Bonjongo court areas. That is why, by the grace of God, after our graduation one of our graduates will go to the Bonjongo area for missionary work. Keep him in your prayers.

Last week, during the Wednesday Bible class, it was a solemn day with the Christians and students of CBIW. Students handed over benches to some leaders of the Wotutu congregation. This is a signal that their time of departure is at hand. The Alpha batch of students gave us a pulpit stand. The Beta batch of students gave 5 solid benches to the Wotutu congregation to help in the ever growing population in our congregation. Keep them in your prayers as they finalize their preparations for full time ministry. CBIW is a great blessing, not only to the Wotutu congregation, but to the entire country because the influence of what is happening here is spreading to the entire nation. To God be the glory. 

Sister Rachael Ebia obeyed the gospel in Wotutu during the week. Keep her in your prayers, as she is the first to become a Christian in their family.

Sister Alice Eyang also obeyed the gospel. She is happy to be part of the family.

We are still making plans for the campaign in Lebialem, a region solely dominated by Catholicism. The roads to get there are really horrible, but wherever the gospel calls, we are ready to go, if we have the means to pay the way. It is long and it is not easy.

We are also planning for the annual Bible lectureship of the church in Cameroon. We shall also use that opportunity to tell other congregations about our graduation, which will come 11 days after the close of the lectureship. It is in Mamfe, very far from Wotutu. If we have the means to move, it will be great. The congregation have invited our school to be there 3 days before the entire brethren arrive. We shall be involved in house to house evangelism to the community. Keep praying for the possibilities for this to come to pass. That will be the last outing with the Beta batch of students.

Many thanks to you, your family, and the congregation for all that they are doing for the work here. If not of them, we doubt how this work would have been possible.

On This Sad Note
From Thursday, I was out of Wotutu to attend the funeral of my wife’s cousin. I transited from that funeral to attend a preacher’s meeting in Kake with two congregations. After the meeting, we were supposed to have another meeting with a congregation. Before we got up from sleep, the preacher that chaired our preacher’s meeting died in his sleep. Please pray for the family of late minister Nangoh Rudolf Obase, who was serving in Kombone village and moved to big Nganjo, his home congregation. He was suffering from high blood pressure. As of now, we don’t have any details of what really killed him. Keep praying for his family because his departure has created a big vacuum in his family and the struggling congregation.

Do your best to share this with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on October 12, 2014 .