Largest Class Begins In Nepal...

January 2014

Nepal Center For Biblical Study  [NCBS]………. Kathmandu, Nepal

We enter the New Year with thankful hearts. We are thankful to all the loving and generous brothers and sisters in the USA who encourage and support us in so many ways; thankful for the growing number of local Christians who are becoming more active in the Lord’s work; and thankful to God for His wonderful guidance, love, protection, and His holy word that touches our lives and our work each day. 

In 2011 NCBS graduated six students. All are active preachers in their home communities today.  In 2013 we graduated five students. Today we have eleven preachers, located from the high Himalayan Mountains to the north, to the jungle villages to the south, and including some in more urban areas. The church is growing in all these areas because of these dedicated Christian men who have a constant local presence, an attitude of service, a love for the truth, and the Bible knowledge and understanding to be fruitful Christian leaders. 

Today NCBS has thirteen new students. They began classes in November 2013. Their average age is younger, their years in school slightly less, and their beginning Bible knowledge noticeably weaker. However, their enthusiasm, keen interest, humility, joys in learning, and excitement for fellowship with one another is a motivation and encouragement for Gajendra [Director] and for me. I can hardly wait for their first holiday and trip back home [April], knowing the positive influence that will be created in their home congregations when those brothers and sisters see the tremendous progress that returns with each young man. Their teaching level will be impressing, compared to when they left home five months earlier. Their example of learning and growth will give credibility and power to their teaching of God’s truth.

One of our 2013 graduates [Arun, age 22] is working daily with this new class. His English is good and he often translates for me. For the new students to experience his level of knowledge, understanding, and teaching ability is an encouragement and testimony that can only be provided by a native Nepali and one near their own age and background. Arun leaves for Chennai, India in February for a two-year Bible Masters Program. We hate to lose him, yet we know that this two-year LOAN will be a long-term GAIN for the Lord’s work in Nepal.

We enter 2014 with thankful hearts and expectations for great and glorious progress for the future. Please keep us in your prayers.

Gajendra Deshar, NCBS Director
Jerry Golphenee  

Posted on January 12, 2014 .