A Providential Story Worth Reading...

Greetings Fellow Servants;

What a joy it is knowing we are part of God’s family. We are so thankful for your prayers and support of God’s mission work here in Tanzania. God is showing His love, mercy and grace on His mission team here in TZ. Thank you!

Today was a GREAT day in the Kingdom. We now have a new brother in Christ, Robert decided to put Christ on in baptism. We rejoice with the angels in Heaven over the decision from our new brother in Christ. 

We do what we do, if indeed we are faithful in Him, to His glory and to the serving and saving of our fellow man. Last month, a young man came into the worship assembly and worshiped with us. At the end of services, he told us his story. He had been robbed and did not have any money to eat or to travel back to his family. The good brothers and sisters in Christ at the Arusha church came together, donated from their poverty and gave this “stranger” 35,000/- shillings (about $19). He expressed his thanks and made his way home to his loved ones. 

Last week he called one of the Christians at the Arusha congregation. He pleaded with this brother for someone to come and teach his family the Truth of the Gospel. He went on to say he had shared with twenty others the “good news” of this loving and most generous church of Christ. 

Well, he has called again! He again pleaded with the Arusha congregation to please send someone to teach them the Truth of God’s Word. He went on to say he now has seventy others wanting to hear the Gospel. Amen! 

We have been in touch with our brother Yusuph Mdaki who is the closest evangelist we have, able and willing to make the trip to share the Good News! The journey will take him just over 100 miles from his home. He will need to stay at least one week, possibly two. We need your prayers and we need your help. We need $200 to help send Yusuph on this missionary trip. We need to send bibles, tracts, etc. We have the bibles and tracts, we only need the $200 to send the materials and Yusuph in order for him to go, proclaim the saving message of the Gospel. 

So many opportunities, so few workers. The number of workers in Tanzania continue to grow. We are excited about our brother Gary Fallis coming our way. Gary has made several trips to TZ, teaching and preaching the message of God. I was personally privileged to sit at this man of God’s feet while attending the Brown Trail School of Preaching. Gary will be teaching two graduate classes and also teaching the Arusha Marriage seminar. No rest for the weary! 

We close with great expectations! Knowing we serve the only living God, Who desires that all men everywhere come to a saving knowledge of the Gospel. [1 Timothy 2.4] Please remember Jimmy, Elly and the McVeigh’s as they make their way back to Arusha tomorrow. Till all have heard.....

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on January 12, 2014 .