Short Course Completed. Let The Campaign Begin...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this part of the globe. God is blessing the work and we do hope you are doing great also over there.

The last week in CBIW was a busy one as the students were involved in the last short course for the quarter, 1 Corinthians. It went on well and the students enjoyed the instructions and are ready to apply it in their respective ministries in due season.

Sister Joan Mindako was baptized this morning after listening to the sermon, “God’s Love.”

As I write this mail now, elder Randy Martin, that came to teach the short course is sitting in the waiting room at the airport waiting for the flight out of Cameroon in 1 hour 30 minutes time. Keep him in your prayers for safe travels. His stay in Cameroon was a blessing.

Brother Randy taught his course beginning September 2. It was a great time for our students. They really enjoyed the class.

The course lasted for one week, and there after it was time for exams. Brother Randy supervised the exams. It went on well.

Randy preached this morning in the Wotutu congregation on the topic, “God’s Love.” It was great and at the end of it the Lord added a soul to His body. Some students went out for weekend evangelism to two location, Ediki and Batoke our young congregation. The Lord added a soul in each of those congregations respectively.

The CBIW students posed with brother Randy and me for a family picture, raising the thumb up meaning we are not alone.

I posed with Elder Randy this morning after worship to mark the end of his stay with us here. It was a very short week full with lots of insight about God. It is a memorable one. To God be the glory.

1) Keep our students in your prayers as they started leaving campus today to 25 villages both in French and English speaking areas of Cameroon for house to house evangelism. Keep them in your prayers that God help them to accomplish His work in those places.

2) More evangelism activities in many other places will be reported when the students return.

Many thanks goes to God for you and your deep concern over the work here. God alone will reward you. Keep investing in the kingdom work. Do your best to share our work with others.

Elangwe and family

Posted on September 8, 2013 .