Safari For Souls Yields 86 Souls...

Greetings Fellow Servants;

We stand amazed at the good our God continues to do. Your continued prayers and support of God’s mission work here in TZ continues to bring forth much fruit. 

The Safari for Souls campaigns continue to have the desired affect on the Lord’s Church. This year we conducted four different campaigns with the help of many from America and our Tanzanian brothers and sisters in Christ. 

The local members began pre-campaigning one month before the Stateside campaigners arrived. They continued in the follow-up efforts for another two months after the campaigners left. The local congregations where the campaign efforts were conducted continue with the follow-up. God promised His Word would never return void (Isaiah 40.8). We began pre-campaign efforts at the end of April and as of September 6th here is the increase God has given: 

Kwa Mrombo - 27 souls
White Rose - 26 souls
Ngurdoto - 26 souls
Kisongo - 7 souls

Yes, God has blessed His Kingdom by adding 86 precious souls. Thank you all who have prayed, supported, purchased Bibles, provided funding for the printing of Bible tacts and other material, sacrificed much in coming and joining us on the campaigns, and so much more. 

God’s Kingdom knows no borders. We do not have “American dollars” supporting “Tanzanian efforts;” we have God’s Kingdom Dollars supporting a part of the world He created in His own image. We, as God children, need to see this world as God sees it; over 7 Billion dying souls. Without your help, without your support, without your participation, and yes, without your prayers, the world will die in sin. Here is one small, yet so powerful, example of how the Church in America and the Church in Tanzania partner in the saving of soul, on both sides of the world:

I have good news about how the work in TZ continues to work in Oklahoma.  We had a Syrian Orthodox Christian attend worship and he expressed a desire to study the truth.  After my first study, same as TZ, he was not convinced that he needed to be baptized again.  He was immersed in Israel by a man who told him it was a miracle they got together.  I tried my best to tell him about how important it was to be baptized for the "right" reason.  To no avail but set up another study for this coming Sunday evening.  Before he left I gave him one of the books that you had made for TZ  this year and asked him just to read and pray about it.  I just received a text that he wants to be baptized for the right reason.  Praise God!” (signed, Brad Whinery, Elder) 

Thanks be to God, great things He is doing. Thanks be to God for His faithful, sacrificial servants. Thanks be to God for His grace, mercy and our salvation. 

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on September 8, 2013 .