Camps Influence Cambodian Children...


Please take a moment to read what's going on in Cambodia. The Church is doing alright and also our Children’s Home, and school as well.

We are still waiting for the results of the election in order for us to get the permission for our building. Even though the politics are stuck, the word of God is free to everyone. We keep going out to see more people and pass out our flyers to many people around the church building. Also now, I have started an English class and welcomed everyone to study without charge.

The camp went well, as this year we had two camps; one is in Siem Reap and another one is in Leang Dai. We had about 80 people come to join the camp in Siem Reap and we had about 200 children come to Leang Dai camp.

The church in Phnom Penh invited me to preach in November from the 13th - 15th when they have the camp down to the beach at Sihanukville. I am ready to share the word of God with those brethren.

I also got a call last night from our Christian sister, Kunthea. She went a way from us for a long time, but she called me last night and asked me some questions from the Old Testament story but she forgot the passage that talked about that story.

We also have done some benevolence as I reported to you earlier. 

All in all we are doing some good things and we ask you to continue to pray for our country and our work.

I am so grateful for your love and care for the work of God in my country. May God bless you all. 

In Him

Posted on September 15, 2013 .