Adding To The Kingdom In Tanzania...

Greetings Fellow Servants,

What a blessing it is to be among God’s family. When we think about the family of God, all our brothers and sisters around the world, it brings great comfort to ones life. God is able to do mighty things in our lives and more often than not, He uses His children to bless his children. We thank each of you for your efforts in making God’s mission work here in TZ what it is. 

Every week we are reminded of the great need there is to preach and teach the saving message of the Gospel. Our brother Isaac was able to go to his home village about 50 miles outside the capital of Dodoma to meet such a need. His father was visiting Isaac here in Arusha during our last Safari for Souls campaign at Kwa Mrombo. With the help of John Hall and his group from College Station, TX, the Gospel was preached and 27 souls obeyed. 

One of those who obeyed was Isaac’s father. His father went back home and began to teach others of his new found faith. He begged Isaac to come and help him teach others how to worship in Truth and in Spirit. I went, studied with several and in the end 7 more souls were added to the Kingdom by our God (Acts 2.47). The Lord now has a new congregation of believers in TZ! 

Our dear brother, Yusuph Mdaki, continues to do the work of the Lord in Ushirombo and surrounding areas. He writes: “Hello brother, I am in Nsumve (near Mwanza) 4 souls have become New Testament Christians. Our big problem is they have no place of worship. There are 4 additional new church plants that have the same problem, please can you find help. I was at Korogwe last Saturday. I had several classes and that evening 4 souls obeyed. This is another new congregation the Lord has planted.

Our graduates are working and glorifying our God in some amazing ways. In a country of over 50 million souls with a land mass just over the size of Texas, there is much to do. We need missionaries. We need more students to teach at the ACSOP that they in turn might teach others. We need your continued prayers, support and help. 

Stephanie and Jessica McVeigh are planning a Ladies Day for the congregations at and around Mto wa Mbu. Gasper asked for this event on the subject of “A Women's Role in the Church.” The ladies are also working on the Tanzania Leadership ladies classes. This years TLC is on “Spiritual Disciplines.” We have men and women coming from all over East Africa to join us for this annual event, October 2013. We are also grateful for Mike Benson and his willingness to come and participate in this years leadership conference. 

Busy days are ahead as we wind down our third quarter at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. Our 23 students are busy preparing their research papers and for their final exams. We are really excited about our recruiting for the 2014 intake. The applications are coming in and there is much interest in faithful men desiring to come and learn God’s Word. Please keep this recruiting process in your prayers, that God will send the right men to do the right job to His glory and the saving of the lost of East Africa. 

Stephanie, Granny and I say thank you all for the life you have blessed us with there in TZ. We love you all and we love the Lord for the good He continues to do.  

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on September 15, 2013 .