Souls Continue To Be Added To The Kingdom...

Campaigners diligent efforts bring many to Christ
Our good friends (and sponsor) 2nd and Adams church of Christ conducted a very fruitful campaign in the Ngurdoto area located just outside of Arusha. Sending 20 people proved to be a great benefit as they spread out their responsibilities throughout the mountainside. Each day numerous bible studies were conducted as well as a VBS and ladies seminar. When the campaign came to a close 14 souls had been added to the church. The work doesn’t conclude once the campaign comes to an end, in fact, just the opposite is true. In an effort to keep the momentum going, brethren from Maji Ya Chai and Usa River will be working alongside the brethren from Ngurdoto continuing to carry on with the sixty plus Bible studies that were started during the campaign. Thus far 3 more souls have been added as a result of their follow up.

Just a few short weeks after the Ngurdoto campaign brethren from the BCS church of Christ in College Station, TX made the trek over the ocean to begin a campaign with the Kwa Mrombo congregation. You might recall that Kwa Mrombo is where Anita and I normally worship. John Hall, former TZ veteran missionary led the group. Regretfully, Anita and I have started our furlough and were not present for the Kwa Mrombo campaign. Charles Heberth, the capable preacher at Kwa Mrombo, sent me a note letting us know that 16 souls were added to the kingdom during the campaign! Brethren at Kwa Mrombo continue to conduct follow up studies. 

While Anita and I were headed toward the states for our furlough Cy Stafford, our team leader, was headed back to Tanzania after a short trip stateside to make sure the transition for the oversight of the Andrew Connally School of Preaching from the Kensington Woods church of Christ to the Bear Valley church of Christ in Denver, CO., went smoothly. We are most appreciative for efforts, both past and present, of each congregation. We are excited about the future with Bear Valley as they have been in the preacher training business for over 40 years. As we seek to train men to preach in East Africa we are certain our relationship with BVBID will be a tremendous benefit. 

We want to express our gratitude for the calls, cards and especially the prayers on behalf of my mother. Mom has returned home after her surgery and is making a slow, but steady, recovery. Her doctor was pleased with the procedure and believes that all the cancer was removed and that no further treatment will be necessary. We are waiting for the final pathology report to confirm this but are so thankful for the way matters have progressed thus far. We thank God for His providential care. 

Anita and I will be headed to Sevierville, Tennessee at the end of August to attend Polishing the Pulpit. If you are attending we hope you will look us up. If you have never been to PTP you are missing out on a real spiritual treat and retreat. This year it’s expected that nearly 3000 brethren will be in attendance. If you are unfamiliar with PTP you can find out more at

While we are home on furlough we are looking forward to visiting with many of you. It is a great joy to share face-to-face the work that you have sent us to do. We want you to be encouraged about the work in Tanzania and we hope we get the opportunity to tell you more about it. In addition to reporting we will be trying to pick up some new supporters to makeup our budget shortfall. If you know anyone that might be interested we would really appreciate you passing along our information. By the way, while we are home on furlough, I can be reached at 817-688-4317 and Anita can be reached at 817-470-0088. Give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

Until next time, take care and God bless,
Sean & Anita Hochdorf
Arusha, TZ

To read Sean’s report and see the picture of Guadence preparing to baptize a lady from Ngurdoto, please click here.

Posted on August 4, 2013 .