17 Men Are Prepared To Begin Studies In Togo...

17 men have applied to CBS
These prospective students are from the Church of Christ and the following denominations: NewApostolic, Presbyterian, Redeem Church, ChinHai, Micsa, New Covenant Baptist, Church of Pentecost, SDA, House of Holy Spirit and Fire.

Catholic Priest to attend CBS
Barry Baggot informed CBS that he has a prospect in Burundi who has expressed the desire to attend CBS. This man, as I understand, is a Catholic Priest and a lecturer in one of the Universities.

Students prepare for final exams
CBS students have been seriously preparing for their final exams in August.

Good News
I am glad to inform you that all the 15 CBS students are now baptized. When we started this class in September of 2011, only four members of the Church of Christ were present.

However, we feel fulfilled because our mission is accomplished. We find our strategy working as we have planned enrolling denominational “Pastors” and leaders and converting them to Church of Christ within a period of two years, not only converting them, but training them to renounce denominationalism and accepting New Testament pattern of Christianity, above all becoming Church of Christ preachers. You can partner with CBS by deciding to support a preacher with a $100.00 or more each month. Contact me if you can help. Let us encourage them to preach the WORD.

Nyiveme Church Christ organized a 3 day seminar on Marriage and the Christian Home.
Some of the topics discussed during the seminar included: preparation for marriage, responsibilities of husbands and wives, who is the head of the home, dealing with in-laws and step children, and resolving marital conflict.

The 11 resource persons included: Nine students, one instructor and one former student.
There were about 80 in attendance during each session.

Mr. Aluka, until recently was a member of the Jehovah Witnesses and the director of a college in Hanyigba near Kpalime.

Brother Aluka has been using his influence as the director of the college to lead other teachers and students to study with the Church of Christ. He has been able to convince 13 of his friends from the Jehovah Witness to start a regular class with the principal of CBS-Cephas. It is our prayer that God will touch their hearts to respond to the gospel soon.

What God is doing with our Former Students
Location / Preacher / Baptism 

Noepe  /  Selorm   /  6
Akepe  /  Yaovi  /  7
Keve   /  Foli  /  5

Sanguera Gidigidi has a congregation of 44 members.

Meeting with students
During my recent visit to Kpalime, I was informed that the students would like to meet with me. I knew what their concerns were prior to the meeting. When the time finally came and I walked into the classroom, I saw some signs of mixed feelings written all over their faces. They were happy to be completing their two years of study, but afraid of what the future holds for them. I remembered the disciples asking Christ “we have given up everything to follow you, but now what is in it for us?”

One student said when he informed the wife that his support ends after the graduation, she quickly took the kids and left for her parents. I had to encourage them to ‘hang in there’ until such a time that God responds to their impending plight. Brethren, it is not easy looking into the faces of these men and telling them that I don’t know how they will survive with their wives and kids. Some have left the denomination, their jobs and their sources of income to spend two years to prepare to preach. However, I informed them that we shall assist them in any church planting exercise if they call on CBS to do so.

Willie Gley

Posted on August 25, 2013 .