The Church Continues To Grow In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters here in Cameroon. It is great for us to say hello to you all and your family. We do hope you are doing fine. We are going on even though with many they are still sick because of the climate. Rain continues to fall and by so doing the weather condition continues to disturb many with health.

The Lord added another soul in Ediki this week. Sister Emilia Akale, old in age, accepted the gospel. She came with her grandchildren for worship  while 6 backsliders came back during this week. Last week we worshiped with 31, and this week we worshiped with 39 souls. It is growing and we shall continue to send students on weekend evangelism until our campaign in September.

Last week in the CBIW family everything went on well, except for those health issues. The students are committed and concentrating on their studies. Instructors will struggle with the rain to make it to Wotutu.

The Ediki work is going on well. This week again we sent out some students for weekend evangelism and they returned with great news. Brother Mokwe shared the gospel on the road side market square. The same place where we stopped by in June to buy food, the lady who told us about the dead congregation in this village, we are now studying with her as she claimed to be an elder in the Presbyterian denomination. She came for a visit today and saw the New Testament worship. Keep her in your prayers, as she is very kind. If she becomes a Christian, she will make great influence in the community.

A physically disabled husband and wife came to worship with us and decided to obey the gospel here in Wotutu. They have been with us for a week now and they love the amount of love they are seeing in the church of Christ because many deserted them because of their disability. Their children can play with our children. Life is making meaning to them now. Please keep them in your prayers as they need more of our love, mostly for their two children who have never gone to school because they cannot afford it.

Sister Seraphine went into the water pool of baptism. It was not easy to get her into the water for baptism as the baptizer, brother Mbappe, struggled to get her crutches. They are happy to be in this family.

Sister Seraphine is very happy because, since she was born she has never worshiped even in a denomination. Keep her in your prayers that she will grow with the word and she will help others to know Jesus and make Him known.

1) We shall continue with Ediki work weekly.

2) We shall also continue with the Batoke work weekly. We shall establish a new congregation if it is the Lord’s will.

3) We shall send our students to new communities during our next campaign.

God bless you and keep you all. Thank you for being with us in this great work. God alone will reward you all. Do your best to share our report with others.

Pray for us as we plan to send children back to school. It is not easy financially for many parents to get their children back to school come September 3rd. Orphans and underprivileged children are looking up for help.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on August 18, 2013 .