14 Souls Added In Ghana...

Dear Brethren,

We set off for another gospel campaign last week Monday for a town called Yeji in the Northern part of Ghana. We were 9 gospel preachers. We tried all efforts to see if somebody would give us his car to go for this mission, but to no avail, and due to that we had a lot of difficulties regarding our transportation to and fro.  We decided to go for a commercial vehicle, that is, to join other passengers who were travelling along our destination. In fact, it was a very long trip we have ever made as long as our evangelistic campaigns are concerned.

The car took off around 7:00am on Monday and we reached our destination at 8:30pm. Although, we were supposed to start the preaching that night but due to some circumstances beyond control, we could not. The following morning, we went into houses and taught the gospel, and then in the night, we went to their car station where we could get people in their numbers to preach to them the gospel. We assembled our public address system and preached on God’s plan of salvation. That was preached by Brother Daniel Arthur. We were supposed to go with our own public address system but since we did not have our own car for the trip and considering the distance involved, we left the preaching equipments behind, and this indeed did cost us so much. That is, the local church that we visited did not have these machines, and so we had to go and hire some. They too did not have lights, and so we had to preach in darkness throughout the entire program. The only light we could get was a torch light that we could used to read the Bible. Even if we could buy electrical bulbs, there was no money to buy electrical cables.

The following morning, we continued with our house to house teaching. In the night too, we went to continue with the night preaching. And the topic we preached about was “The New Testament Church, which was preached by Brother Philip Nyan.

On Thursday morning, a certain denominational (Church of God )member living in the house where we were lodging handed to us tracts entitled, “Is the Sabbath only for Jews?” And “Did Christ break the Sabbath?” In fact, these tracts were in short, arguing in favor of the keeping of the Sabbath today by Christians. So we decided that this gentleman should go and call us his pastor to come and explain things to us. And for that matter, we decided to abandon the house to house preaching that day and spend all our time on the man. The man came, and he did not know we are members of the Church of Christ. Neither did his member also disclose our identity to him, for the fact that, if he had known us to be members of the Lord’s Church, he would not even come let alone to study with us. We gave him the opportunity to teach us. And the first point he established was that according to Gen. 2: 2,3 and Mark 2:27-28, the Sabbath was given to mankind to observe it, and so it has been kept since the time of Adam and Eve until our time. After this point was made, he allowed us to ask questions. And I quoted two scriptures (Psa. 147: 19-20; Deut. 5: 1-3) for him to explain to us in relation to his point. And after pinning him with questions we spent about two hours on only Ps. 147: 19-20 including a reference to Amos 3: 1-2, he finally admitted that although, there were many nations on earth, but the Ten Commandments including the Sabbath were given only to the Israelites. Praise be to God!

In fact, due to that, there was no need to read Deut. 5: 1-3. But also made a second point that when Christ came He observed the Ten Commandments and by so doing expected Christians to observe them. Based on that he insisted we leave the Old Testament pages and go into New Testament for proofs. In fact, that was very disaster for him. I quoted 2Cor. 3: 6-18, and this time, I did not allow him to do any explanation. But after reading and explaining only verses 6 and 7 in connection with Exod. 34, this man admitted again that the Ten Commandments that were given through Moses is no more binding on Christians, but now we have a New Ten Commandments written on our hearts. Based on that conclusion, I started teaching him on the gospel of Christ, but all of a sudden this man got up from his seat and started hitting a Bible that belongs to one of my colleagues on a table, saying that, he will continue to keep the Ten Commandments and if at the coming of Christ, He condemns him to hell, he will go! What? This actually told us, the truth was indeed getting into the pastor but there was a struggle within the heart between the truth and the false doctrine he had believed all these years.

From there, we went out and fortunately for us another sabbatarian pastor fell into our hands (Seventh-Day Adventist). We started a conversation with him, and by so doing, I pinned him between Exod. 20: 8-11 and Lev. 16:29-31. My first question was, “Why is it that the Bible mentions three types of Sabbath, but the Adventists have chosen only one and left the others?” He told me there was only one Sabbath that God speaks of in the Bible, which is, “The Seventh Day Sabbath” (Exod. 20: 8-11). I proved to him, that was false and quoted Lev. 16: 29-31 and Lev. 25:1-7). Based on that, I asked my second question, “Why is it that God uses “forever” for both Exod. 20: 8-11 and Lev. 16: 29-31, but all that the Sabattarians talk about is that of Exod. 20: 8-11?” In fact, in trying to explain himself, he disgraced himself in the presence of his member that was there, but time will not permit me to say everything.

In short, what we did that day with these pastors converted two members from the Church of God.On Thursday evening, brother Daniel Duah-Danquah was supposed to preach on the “New Testament Worship,” but he was sick due to a lot of mosquito bites. Therefore, Brother Patrice Blay preached. Concerning our accommodation, it was very poor that we were exposed to a lot of mosquitoes.

On Friday morning, Brother Duah Danquah had to return home for a malaria treatment, because his health condition was very bad. The rest of us continued with the house to house preaching, and in the night, we continued at the station. I preached the topic, “On which day should Christians worship—Saturday or Sunday?

We left the town early the following morning. Although we had much difficulties concerning the cars we took back home, but by God’s grace, we got home safely.

While I was away, I called back home to find out how my family was doing, and my wife told me two of my kids were sick and were taken to the hospital. When I got home, I was told that my mother had been admitted at the hospital. She was discharged yesterday afternoon, but still not well, so please, remember her for me in your prayers.

God glorified Himself and blessed our campaign trip with 14 souls. I have attached sample of photos of the baptisms we had.


Posted on August 18, 2013 .