Student Recruitment Campaign In Nepal...

Respected brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the grace of God, love and peace always be with you. We are always encouraged by God's people around us. 

Regular class
We are doing fine in our regular classes. Brother Deepak and Surya are regular teaching classes Wednesday and Thursday. I am teaching on Monday and Tuesday. I am teaching on Major Prophets and OT and NT survey review. They are teaching the books of James and Ecclesiastes, as well as teaching about Christian Attitudes. 

One more final campaign
We are planning to have one more camp in the next week. We will begin on August 12th and return on 19th. We will go Ramesh's village, Dev's village, Chandra's village. We do hope to get some new students through this camp. Our present students will teach classes at different villages and congregations. This will encourage them as well as the congregations. 

Ladies class
We are blessed to have sister Sunita as a teacher among the sisters. We have talked with brothers and sisters from Thnakot, Chapagon, School and Goldunga regarding a regular ladies Bible study program. With the suggestions of brothers and sisters we have organized her time schedule as below given. 

First week of Saturday – Goldunga Church
Second week of Saturday – Chapagaon Church
Third week of Saturday – Thakot Church
Fourth week of Saturday – Bible school
Fifth week of Saturday – Bible study with women leaders like Sunita, Usha, Gauri, Durga and active ladies

We have begun the above schedule from this August. Sister Sunita is doing hard work now. She is busy in preparing lessons and traveling here and there. Women are really encouraged by her class. I used to talk with sister Sunita on Sunday evening and Wednesday Bible study regarding a women's classes and the difficulties and problems. I think we are trying our best in His kingdom to grow in Nepal. We do need your kind suggestions. Sister Janie, Debbie and others are welcome to suggest directly to sister Sunita regarding women's class. We will be happy to hear. 

NCBS is always blessed by God and His people around world. May God bless our brothers and sisters at USA who are regularly showing their love toward us. I must thank brother Don, Mike York, Carl, Jerry, Art, the Bear Valley team and other unseen faces who are helping us in finance and in many other ways. Once again, thank you so much. We are using God's money for the glory of God. We will wisely use this money and will report to all of you.

Please convey our hello and loving greetings to all well known brothers and sisters. 

Thank you.

Servant of Christ
Gajendra Deshar
NCBS, Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted on August 11, 2013 .