Evangelizing Nigeria Through Preacher Training...

Dear brethren,

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you all from God our Father and from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Here is the summary of our weekend campaign in Ibadan, Oyo State and Asejire in Osun State:

The staff and students of the Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE), Ibadan, Oyo State were divided into two groups on the weekend of July 20th to evangelize Kusela village of Akinyele L.G.A of Oyo State and Asejire town of Oshun state.

I and brother Arowolo Samuel (year 2 student of SWSE) led the group that evangelized Kusela village while brother Dele Shotola and brother Kayode Eniafe led the group that evangelized Asejire town, Oshun State on Saturday of July 20, 2013.

On Sunday at the Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation, Ibadan, I taught the 6th lesson under our series of studies on Walking With God titled “How To Overcome Temptation” (Matt.4:1-11) while brother Arowolo Samuel admonished the church on Holiness. We are 52 in attendance with  a total collection of N1,800= and in the afternoon, I taught on the Six Characteristics of a Helper at the sister's Bible class.

In the evening, brother Kayode Eniafe reported the conversion of three souls at the Asejire congregation in Oshun State as the result of the July 20 gospel campaign at that city.

Brethren, we thank you all for your moral and financial support toward the growth of the Lord's church in Africa and beyond. May the Lord of blessing continue to bless all our work together in Jesus Christ name, amen.

Thanks be unto the Lord for the successful completion of this session - 2012/2013. We also thank you all for your partnership and great contribution toward the growth of the Lord's church in Africa and the world as a whole.

First semester of 2013/2014 session will commence, Lord willing, on August 12, 2013 with 20 students in Ibadan main campus + 4 students in the supplementary list and 10 students in Lagos satellite campus.

I, brother Makinde E.Olufemi, will be teaching: Evangelism 1 and year 2 on Ministerial Counseling & Teaching with Success.

Brother Okon Sunday Udoh will teach: NT church 1, Scheme of Redemption, and year 2 on Church Problems.

Brother Kayode Solomon Eniafe will teach on: The Pentateuch and OT & NT Survey.

Brother Isaac Olaniyan will teach on Life of Christ 1.

Brother Abiola Joseph Olusoji will teach on The Fundamentals of the Faith.

Brother Matthew Idowu will teach year 2 on OT Wisdom 1 and 2nd Corinthians. 

Brother Dairo Abiodun Joseph will also teach the year 2 students on 1st & 2nd Thessalonians and Biblical Eschatological.

Brethren, the just concluded session cost us the sum of N4,797,000= ($32,000). Contributions from brethren & churches in USA, Canada and Nigeria totaled N4,333,000= ($29,000) and the loan of N464,000= ($3,000). A $600 gift from the Lough family is included in the total contributions.

In conclusion, we thank all our supporters for their patience, the confidence they have reposed in us, and the moral and financial support which they have all shown us over the years. Hope you will not relent in this good and great work! Thanks and God bless.

I remain yours in His grace as a servant,

Makinde E. Olufemi (Director of studies)
Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE) Ibadan-Nigeria

Posted on July 28, 2013 .