Challenges To Extension Training...

While the work of Extension Training is the most exciting work I know on earth, there are always various challenges that arise that must be addressed in the most spiritual, biblical and practical way. It goes without saying, but the cultural, economic, language and technological barriers add to the difficulties that play a part in the direction and development of Extension Training.

I say this to provide a basis for some of the most recent activities within the program. After much time in prayer and counsel concerning the best course of action, the Bear Valley Bible Institute will no longer be partnering with the work in Monrovia, Liberia. To keep from making this a long story, it became apparent there was a misunderstanding about the nature of how the school was to be established and operate on a monthly basis. 

After several months and numerous attempts to determine the best approach to resolving the issues at hand, it was decided (in the mutual interest of the goals and plans for the extension program and the work in Liberia) that the Smythe Road congregation move in the direction of their choosing to best serve their plans for the Lord’s work. As difficult as it is to make decisions of this magnitude, we believe the greater good of the kingdom will be served for everyone involved by moving forward.

On behalf of the Bear Valley Bible Institute, we appreciate your understanding and trust to provide the best quality teaching for students in each location where we are privileged to partner with those who desire to train preachers. We ask that you pray for the leadership and growth of the church in Liberia. We also ask that you pray for the Bear Valley Bible Institute as we continue to move forward in looking at how best to develop the overall program of Extension Training.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports 

God Gives A Great Increase And Persecution Follows: A recent campaign in Cameroon adds 58 souls to Christ, and persecution occurs with some of the students.

Denominational Preacher Obeys The Gospel: The providence of God is powerfully seen in this account of conversion in Ghana.

An Appeal For Help In Takoradi: In Daniel Asiamah’s latest report, he appeals for help for Jerome, a Liberian refugee seeking to return home with his children.

Transition In Place And God Is Blessing The Work: Please take time to read about the transition in Tanzania and God’s blessing in the work. 

Final Thoughts
We are overwhelmingly thankful when it comes to everything involved in this work. God has blessed us with the opportunity to partner with strong and faithful Christians on a worldwide basis. We are blessed to know the dedication of God’s people. Thank you for the example you provide us by your willingness to be involved in this great work. Please pray for the efforts of Bear Valley, as well as, the work of each individual who shares in the work of Extension Training.

God bless

Posted on July 14, 2013 .