Ending One And Beginning Another...

As we near the midway point in the summer in Denver, preparations are being completed for the next group of students to begin classes in August. There are twelve men who are working to get support raised to begin their two year journey at the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver. These men, some with their families, will start their work the first week of August. We ask you to be praying for each of them as they transition into a new phase of their life.

Participating in the graduation of one class and anticipating the beginning of a new class is exciting for everyone involved in this work. Seeing one group of men enter into the work of the kingdom provides us with the assurance of the gospel being preached throughout the various locations where they serve. At the same time, a new group of men “set their face toward Jerusalem” in preparing themselves to better administer the word of God.

The joy of this work is coupled with the ways God has given us opportunity to work with diligent and dedicated brethren around the world. We are partnering with the greatest people on earth in training leaders in their own country and their own language. Knowing there are more than 300 current students around the world gives everyone hope that God is working through His people to share the message of Jesus in powerful ways.

The help you provide for the work in Denver and around the world is greatly appreciated. We know this work continues because of the heart you have put into these efforts. Thank you for placing your confidence in the Lord and us to be good stewards of the task we have been given.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports 

Coordinator Visits Cameroon And God Gives The Increase: David Ballard is in Cameroon and the results have been fruitful.

Youth Seminar Success: The Wagner Report: The work in Chimala continues to show success as efforts are being made to reach the youth.

Joint Service In Togo Demonstrates Unity: A recent event in Togo brought congregations of the Lord’s people together to worship.

Three Day Mass Evangelism In Nigeria: The work of the Southwest School of Evangelism continues to influence people in Nigeria.

Campaign Season In Arusha, Tanzania: Sean Hochdorf’s report shares news about the growth occurring in Arusha with the campaign season.

Furlough Update: Gee Report: Jimmy Gee and his family are reporting about the work while on furlough. Read more about their activities and an update. 

Final Thoughts
As you continue to pray for this work each day, please remember to pray for those who have completed their studies and entered the work of the kingdom. Also, pray for those who are beginning an incredible journey of studies to prepare for kingdom work. We love you and appreciate your help in making this program so successful. 

God bless

Posted on June 23, 2013 .