Preachers' Wives Seminar A Great Success...

Dearest in Christ,

We bring our greetings to you from this part of the globe. We do hope you are doing great. We praise God for you all as you celebrate your Memorial Day holiday. God is still sitting on the throne and the work this way is in good progress.

Last week was the last week of studies for the long courses, as most instructors finished up and did some revisions with students to prepare them for the end of quarter exams and campaign shortly. Minister Tabe Moses finalized his course on the book of Acts, and also prepared the students for exams and campaign.

Last week brought sorrow to my family as I lost my father in-law. My wife lost the father and it has not been easy with her as a nursing mother. My work was double this week to make sure I comfort my wife and children with my normal daily schedule. The passing away of the father is a big burden to me in many angles as the only in-law. Please keep me and my family in your prayers and also my wife’s mother who has become a widow. The funeral program will take place on the 7th with a wake service and burial on the 8th. We are happy because he was a strong Christian man and has impacted the lives of many in that community. He was a pillar in Kwa-Kwa congregation where my wife was raised.

This weekend in our congregation was a busy one as preachers’ wives all over Cameroon came to the Wotutu congregation for their second edition of the annual preachers’ wives’ seminar. This idea was initiated by us last year to help awaken preacher’s wives in Cameroon to sit as we train preachers. We want their wives also to know that they are part of the vocation to reach out to the community where they will serve.

These sisters, who are all preachers’ wives, are learning on how they can be of greater help to their husbands physically through the involvement of small businesses. They studied how to prepare puff-puff, chin-chin, donuts and peanuts. These are things that even a common man can afford in his house, so if the preachers’ wives can do these in their different villages it will help in one way to raise income for the family. Preachers and their families go through lots of challenges in Cameroon, that is why we are praying and trusting God to give us simple ways to empower them which will go a long way to motivate the work of the ministry in Cameroon. Please keep this in your prayers and share your ideas on how this can work.

The sisters also sat to look into the Bible to see what they can do as preachers’ wives. They search for ways they can better assist their husbands to accomplish their ministry. It was so emotional as wives shared their experiences to others concerning difficulties. You can shed tears about what preachers are passing through on a daily basis. Please, please pray for the work here.

Our wives had fellowship with the entire Wotutu congregation. It was a time of fellowship and departure and was a great success. We praise God. Some of our Alpha graduates’ wives were there and they shared fresh experiences. It was great for us to see them again after the graduation, where they were here with their husbands. Our current students had many of their wives were here also and will come again if possible be during the Marriage and Family course which is coming up in three weeks.

The students and I welcomed a new brother, who was baptized yesterday. Brother Azah Roland worshiped today for the first time and admired the New Testament worship. He also listens to us through our early morning program Back to the Bible in the communities. Please keep him in your prayers.

1) CBIW students will start writing their exams tomorrow for the second quarter. Keep them in your prayers.

2) Keep circular students in your prayers who will also start writing their public exams tomorrow.

3) We shall use the funeral of my father-in-law to evangelize the entire community, because we are going to have a short break after exams as we wait for the short course instructors. We shall use that break to go house to house in that community for 4 days to help sow the seed, so that minister Ewang Divine, who is our graduate serving there, will water it with his members subsequently.

4) We shall go back to Batoke and Muyuka for campaign when we return from missions.

We thank God for His great love towards us and the blessings He is blessing us daily with here. We thank Him for you who have availed yourself for Him to use you the way He is using you to accomplish His work here on earth. God bless you and your entire family and the family of God where you are. Do your best to share this work with others who may possibly love to be part, as we think souls and go for souls to rob from the strong man’s house.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director of CBIW

Posted on May 26, 2013 .