Love, Generosity, And Sacrificial Giving...

Greetings Fellow Servants,

We hope all is well with each of you. We count it all joy to be in fellowship with you in the greatest labor we can know. It is indeed a blessing to be a part of God’s “Scheme of Redemption.” Recently we received a short note from our brother Daniel Gaines on an appointment he had as he and the family continue their fund raising for their upcoming move to Tanzania. Here is a tale of genuine Christian love, generosity, and sacrificial giving.

“Brethren, I wanted to tell you about this weekend's presentation. The congregation was small (42 in attendance on Sunday morning), and had no elders. I was invited to attend a men's meeting after services regarding helping with out work in Tanzania. The treasurer was consulted and reported that there was no surplus of funds from which to draw. Yet the men desired to be more involved in missions and believed in the work we presented. As the conversation progressed, they began to question the need for internet service at the building. The preacher was part-time and didn't keep regular office hours so the internet was not heavily used. The preacher, in the meeting, agreed that he could do without the internet at the office.  So they decided that they would cut off the internet service and reroute those funds to our mission work. Additionally, several men pledged to increase their giving to provide funds for monthly support. As it all turned out, the congregation has committed to contribute $300 per month!  

One of our current donors is a member there and already gives us $150 a month, and a widow pledged $20 per month. If you add these to the total, then that means this congregation of 42 people is contributing an impressive $470 each month! I was astounded, and wanted to share the moment with you. Daniel”

We experienced a very similar situation during our fund raising back in 1998. There are many in the Church, if given the opportunity, would do more in full-filling the Great Commission. The Gaines family needs our help. They are just over half way regarding their monthly needs. They now lack $10,000 in one-time needs.

Please contact Daniel, help them where you can, help them with an appointment to share with your congregation the good work they really desire and want to be apart of in the coming weeks. Thank you for your prayerful consideration in this most important need. 

Daniel Gaines
(270) 777-6402

We close with some really good news. The pre-campaign work continues and has now brought forth four more souls. One new sister in Christ was going with members from the Kisongo congregation who were helping with the pre-campaign efforts. Through hearing the Gospel preached, she expressed her desire to become a New Testament Christian. We are thankful for Ralph, Cindy and Caitlin Williams efforts at White Rose this past week.

Today we worshiped at Kisongo, where our brother Chuck Ramseur taught and preached two powerful lessons, one from Matthew 6 and the other from Matthew 7. During the invitation several requested prayers, two repented for the harm they had caused against the church, one teacher expressed his desire to obey the Gospel. Yes, God is good all the time.

Thank you all for all you do to make this work of God possible. 

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on May 26, 2013 .