A Baptism Worth Reading About In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

We praise God for another great day where we came together to worship our God as He described in His word. We just finished and I am sending the reports early enough so that I will attend to some other things.

Joy was provoked in heaven as he finally obeyed the gospel. He was a chairman in the Roman Catholic church here in Wotutu and in the nearby communities. His baptism will be eye opening to many in our community. His baptism was followed by another leader in the Baptist denomination and his wife who testified today during our announcement that we should continue doing what we are doing every 5 am. It will help many to grow. Their baptism is accompanied with lots of persecution. Keep these 3 souls who were added in Wotutu in your prayers.

We do hope your week was great and God blessed you and allowed both of us to see the start of a new week. Our worship was great today as we had 3 first time visitors.

Last week was great and we praise God for His care over us and the students, even though some are still sick like brother Namana Martin who has not returned from home after we sent him because of ill health. Please keep him in your prayers and many who are sick here.

Brother Mokwe Eugene and brother Dikana Masumbe were ready on Friday evening to travel for weekend evangelism with some tracks. As I write this mail they are still far away into the forest struggling with bad roads to come back, but God blessed their outreaches with 2 souls in Munyenge congregation and Bova congregation respectively behind the Cameroon Mountain.

I was able to exhort Mr. Kounda Julius who later became brother Julius beside the river, as he was ready to obey the gospel after studying with us and listening to our “Back to the Bible” radio program keenly.

We are on sport to keep fit (1 Tim. 4:8). The sport yesterday was spectacular as it was attached to site seeing.

The students visited workers in the tea farm harvesting tea and the master allowed them to meet with the workers and to know some little bit about the tea. This was a great opportunity for the students to share and invite them to come worshiping with us and by His grace. 1 came today to worship while some promised to come and to study with us as they also can listen to our program every morning. “Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism.”

Brother Agbor James, one of our students, taught this morning on the topic “Christian Morals”  because we are paying attention this month on that. He did a good job. Many thanks for all those who are praying and laboring daily for these students to study. They are benefiting greatly and the church of Christ in Cameroon will witness great changes and transformation in the near future by His will. I am proud of them and it gives me appreciations to all our joint efforts.

Some sisters in the Wotutu congregation sat back today after worship to study as sisters and to plan for the work of the church, like the forth coming preachers wives’ seminar and the marriage and family short course in CBIW. Keep these programs in your fervent prayers.

1) The preachers wives in Cameroon will be in Wotutu from the 24th to 26th for the second edition for them to meet and learn, pray and make proposals on how they can better help their husbands in the ministry. We count on your prayers and any input towards the success of that event.

2) We shall be moving this weekend with some graduates from CBIW to Ndian district in Cameroon, very far from Wotutu, coupled with bad roads to revive a congregation there.

Oh God we thank you for bringing us out of darkness and you have shown us the great light through your word. Thank you for those who are standing in our lives and ministry who are praying for us, supporting us in many ways to reach out with this great light to many in our country Cameroon. Bless them and keep them strong, sound and focused as we map out plans to rob from the strong man’s house. We cannot do this if we don’t thinks souls. Thank you for helping us daily to think souls.

Do your best to share this report with others in your life. God bless you and your entire family. Keep us in your prayers as we celebrate our national day tomorrow, that the peace that is in Cameroon will continue to be.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on May 19, 2013 .