Marriage Of Two Kinds In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters here. I do hope this mail finds you doing well in all that you do for the glory of God.

In the Wotutu congregation, sister Beatrice traveled from the tea camp plantation to come and worship with us. Many continue to follow our radio program. Some denominational leaders are not comfortable with the truth that is being proclaimed through our speakers with any AM or FM media. We are creating lots of impact in our communities; there will be a time for a mass harvest. Sister Beatrice was baptized within the week. She is the first to become a Christian in their family. Keep her in your prayers.

Our last week at CBIW was busy as usual with our students keeping on target to keep growing as they prepare themselves for mission. Many are still sick here, surely because of the changes of weather conditions.

God continues to bless the work as we continue to reach out to the community through our radio program and follow up.

This week ended with a program for the annual national preachers forum. I was one of the speakers to talk on alcoholic consumption among Christians and preachers. It was a wonderful time to make many know their stand on the subject matter. I stood and exposed what the Bible says and nothing but the word of God. The Lord added a soul into the church in Buea during the forum.

We were able to take a family picture with some preachers after the forum. As we return to continue the work of building and empowering our members to maturity. Keep the work in Cameroon in your prayers.

In the cross section of our worship today, we had 7 first time visitors. Some of them being those who came to witness the traditional marriage of our brother and minister to the Brightland Christian academy.

Minister Nsong Edie Nelson stood this morning in front of the Wotutu congregation with his wife, sister Bernadette. The church was represented heavily yesterday night for the traditional marriage which was successful. Keep them in your prayers as they start their journey of love.

We used the word of God (Prov 19:14) to exhort them to build their home on the foundation of God’s word. I continue to praise God as many lives are being touched because of our work. The sister is the first Christian in their family; many who came from far and near admired what the church of Christ can do in our worship and our love for the gospel. We shall do follow up for those who are around and we have already made connections with congregations where some of them came from so that those ministers there will study with them. God is worthy to be praised. Join us praise Him for His great power.

We are praying and making plans for a great work on the West Coast of Cameroon.

We are making plans for the Lebialem mission. It is also a barren land in Cameroon. One of our alpha batch graduates is going there now as I write this report for a revival and evangelistic work before the June campaign.

God is good. We thank Him for standing by us and by using you to accomplish His work here in Cameroon. Continue to lean on Him, He is dependable and reliable. God bless you as you share our report with others.  

God bless you

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on May 12, 2013 .