U.S. Teachers Visit BVBIU...

Hello dear brothers, churches and families.

I hope my letter will find you in a good mood, and you will have time to learn about the latest news in the Bible Institute and some churches in Ukraine. 

As I have mentioned in my previous report, two American teachers-missionaries (Garth Hilton and Johnny Mack Young) visited us in the beginning of March. They taught Job, Wisdom Literature, Contemporary Religious Thought and Personal Evangelism. We are thankful for their ministry and participation in God's work in Ukraine. 

Also, Garth Hilton was the main speaker at the seminar dedicated to training elders within the churches. We have discussed this topic last year. In reality, there are only a few churches here in Ukraine where they have elders ministering. Other churches are being led by the business committees. I think we should start thinking about the elders now, praying, planning and training suitable men for this position. There were about 40 people who attended the seminar, and we even had a visitor - an elder from Russia (Syktyvkar). 

Third week of March was planned for the evangelizing campaigns. All students were divided into 4 teams and helped the work of local congregations. This time we helped Central Church of Christ in Gorlovka, Mayskaya Church of Christ in Gorlovka, Church of Christ in Illovaysk and Church of Christ in Dnepropetrosk. We are grateful for our students' ministry, and we keep praying for the Lord and the leaders of the churches to keep working with these people. There were no baptisms, but many of the students conducted personal Bible classes, and they have made contacts to work with these people in the future. 

During this time, I was able to visit and preach at the churches in Kramatorsk, Lugansk and Donetsk. It was a huge blessing to see that God's church exists in Ukraine, and there are people who love God. Right now we have several prospective students for the next school year, but it is very difficult to recruit many people. Many congregations are physically aging, and young people who have a job are afraid of losing it. In our country, as in any other place, people want stability, and it is difficult for them to accept changes in their lives. Please pray for us to meet men who are willing to sacrifice many things to study Bible full time and serve the Lord and His church in the future. 

In March we have organized several youth group meetings within the church. It was very interesting to see how our students plan, get ready and organize such events. Everybody knows that such projects are aimed at getting more people to recognize that they need to be saved. Also in the first week of March, we invited parents of those kids who attend our Bible school, The Gifted Child. There were 5 new mothers who gladly visited us. After the Sunday service, kids showed their talents reciting poems and performing in short plays. 

We are looking forward to seeing Denton Landon next month and pray for his safe travels. I want to thank all those people who keep helping and supporting the Bible institute and God's work here in Ukraine. In 1 Corinthians 13:8 it is said that love never fails; it's because you show it in your deeds continuously. Helping and supporting the Bible Institute in Ukraine, you give another chance to those people who want to preach the truth.

God's blessings.

Your brother and co-worker,

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Posted on April 7, 2013 .