Back Home In Tanzania...

Greetings Fellow Workers;

We greet you with joyful hearts. We have seen God’s hand at work through His faithful in a powerful way over the past few weeks. We are privileged to be part of God’s family, serving to His Glory and to the saving of lost souls. You, our friends and faithful supporters, are making this mission effort possible and for this we say thank you and thank God for you. Each of you who made this furlough the absolute best ever we say a very special thank you. To Jimmy Gee, who dealt with all my “normal” duties, to Sean and their family I thank you so very much for a job well done.

We arrived Friday night to be met by Jimmy Gee and Ahimidiwe at the airport. We are often asked; “why do you love the work in Tanzania so much?” Well, here is just one of the reasons: when we got to the house, our brother (who serves as one of our night guards) greeted us with a huge smile and hug and with much enthusiasm. He informed us that he and another had studied with and baptized into Christ a new brother the day before. As we often say; “it is like the work of the first century here in the twenty-first century.” 

In two short months we will begin our Safari for Souls campaigns. We know the months of May and June will be very busy with no less than 40 of our co-workers. This year will be a bit unique in the fact that two large campaigns will be at two new congregations that had their beginnings last year through the SFS campaigns. God is truly having His way here in Tanzania.

We have so much to report and share with you all but, we will close for the week and wait until next week to share some powerfully good news! We hope and pray your week in service to Him and His will be a good one. Again, we thank you and we appreciate your sacrifice making this work possible.

Closing note: Please keep Sean, Anita, Alice and Norman in your prayers. Sean is bringing them to the airport and Anita will be escorting them back to the States.  

In Him, Stephanie, Granny and Cy

Posted on March 31, 2013 .