Students Campaign In 20 Locations In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Wotutu and Cameroon in general. I do hope you are doing great in health and a sound mind. God bless you all and help you realize your dreams, most especially as we think souls and map out plans to rob from the strong man’s house. By so doing we will help many come out from darkness to the great light that will shine in their world.

Brother Lah from the Munyenge congregation came to visit us and joined us also as we do house to house evangelism. He is a preacher. He is also part of our early morning radio program.

As I write this mail all students of CBIW have left campus to 20 different locations in Cameroon, both in English and French speaking. The Lord took them to their destinations safe and sound. The work is going well as I get some calls from them. Some have gone down to enclave villages and they cannot get to me on mobile phones till they get out from there. They will be ending their work this weekend. Keep them in your prayers as we shall have a detailed report about their work when they return to school on the 30th of march 2013, God’s willing.

The congregation in Wotutu keeps going ahead and the community continues to listen to the program through our PA system Back to the Bible. It is creating lots of impact with these communities and that provokes many to ask questions and many also persecute us, asking why we are preaching the way we are preaching?

This Sunday we had 83 is attendance and we had 6 fist time visitors. I was able to sit with them outside after worship and appreciate them for their coming and encourage them to come again or ,if they need study further, we can come to their home. My little son, Breedlove, is part of the discussion, even though he cannot understand.

The students are all out. The sisters of the Wotutu congregation spend some of their time after their class to go down on their knees to pray for the growth of the church in Wotutu, in particular, and the world at large. They keep committing the students involvement in mission, how that God should help them and make their trips fruitful. They are crying on to the Lord to help them open doors for them to have something that will empower them also, like a Christian Sisters Vocational Center. That will help them have different skills and it will help them build their homes, because women are pillars in home building.

As we pray together with our families in the morning and in the evening at home, the children in our community are benefiting from Brightland Christian Academy. My son, Ray Jr., is 3 years now and little by little he is turning to a man. In our home we ask him at time to lead in songs and he will sing one song throughout our devotional. It impresses me that my son knows that men lead when we are worshipping God. He wears our traditional regalia as I teach him to know our routes both spiritual and physical. Please join me to pray that he grows up not to depart from these.

God bless you for standing with us to reach out to souls. God bless you and keep you. Continue to pray and continue to stand with us. I leave tomorrow morning for a mission trip for four days to an enclave area.The gospel is for all.

Please share this report with others. Maybe someone besides you may come to the rescue of our sisters here.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on March 17, 2013 .