Uganda Lectureship Reaches Several...

Dear  brethren,

We thank you very much for the support you are giving to us here in Uganda. Your generous  support is doing a lot here in Uganda.

Uganda School of Evangelism Lectureship
Christians from different parts of Busia and Namayingo Districts, plus other parts of East Africa, started arriving on the 13th of December, 2012. Twenty-nine Christians came from Kenya, some traveling over 600 klm from their home to school. A total of 149 people attended last year’s lectureship. People would have come more than the number that attended. Most congregations claimed that they did not get the word on time and for that reason just a few managed to get transport to come. This year we are going to start informing the brethren early enough so that they can start saving their transport. As I had reported earlier we were privileged to have brother Denny Petrillo, the President of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, as one of our speakers during last year’s lectureship. He very much boosted our lectureship. This years lectureship will begin on the 18th up 20th of December 2013. People will start arriving on the 17th in the evening and leave on 20th after lunch. This year we are going to study the book of Romans. We are inviting whoever might have time to come to inform us so that we may assign him a lesson to teach.

Nandwa Church of Christ
I would like to remind you of the congregations which are there because of your support.  Nandwa congregation is growing in number since the school began. This year the Nandwa church of Christ hosted the youth meeting which was held from the 16th - 18th of January. This youth meeting is organized by congregations from Busia and Namayingo District. We are planning to invite more youths from other congregations of the Lord’s church in Uganda. These congregations have learned that if they work together raising funds to help their needs without thinking of the school as a source of their finance would lead them to maturity. Most students who graduate from Uganda School Evangelism used to think that whenever there was a need in the congregations they attend, that problem would be directed to the director of Uganda School of  Evangelism. I talked about this problem with the members of the faculty and we came to an agreement that these congregations should be informing sister congregations concerning whatever problem might arise and get some help from those congregations and individual members who would be willing to help where they can. This plan is working as these congregation are helping each other now whenever there is the death of a brother or when they need some help with building of their church building. These congregations can only afford to put up grass thatched buildings. The problem of these type of building is that they are very temporary. They need to change grass every year. Grass also these days is becoming scarce. It would be of great help if these congregations would get some help to buy timber and iron sheets. The congregations are willing to make bricks and burn them by themselves. Five people were baptized last and one this year at Nandwa Church of Christ. All this is being done by the effort of the students of Uganda School of Evangelism.

Congo churches:
All the congregations which have been getting some support from for their preachers are still willing to continue worshiping God until Jesus comes back. The only problem they are still facing is with places of worship. The funds will only help them with six months rent and that would be all. Land in Congo is ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars for a plot of 50 x 100 feet, depending on where it is found. The congregations are Uvira, Baraka, Kikwena, Lweba, Fizi, and Mboko in South Kivu. In North Kivu, that is Beni town and Kihura. Thako had a plot but the owner of the plot repossessed it and offered them a another plot which is not in the center which the church did not accept and they are still waiting for the government to settle the matter.

Concerning the fence; last year we had a lot of rain and there was water in the area we wanted to fence. The materials are ready and as it starts to dry up we are going to finish the fence.

We are working on the pig house. As I had said, we decided to build this house here at the school so that the students could get evolved  and see what is being done. We need some iron sheets to finish the building. We just built one side of the house. The house will be double when completed.

The cow house is not yet complete. We still need the roof and the mesh wire around the uncovered area.

Francis, Margaret, Paul Wechesa

Posted on February 3, 2013 .