Hard Working Teachers And Students...

We just finished the first half of the first quarter of our largest class at the Chimala Bible Institute. Our 36 students have settled in to a routine of study, library work, reading and memorizing Bible knowledge for test. They also continue to get practical training in doing the work of the church on the weekends in organized activities. At Nguyen last weekend there were three more baptisms and one restoration. This is another church on the mountain where the old mission used to be. The attendance was around 20 people, when just a few months ago there were three or four meeting. 

The work in the library is going well with Anna Wagner putting in the needed work as the school librarian. She is organizing the new books we have received and the carpenters are getting ready to build some much needed shelves. Anna is also conducting a computer class in the afternoon to show the students how to use the equipment. 

Brother Lia, the schools printer, took six students out last weekend and they had 18 Bible studies, which resulted in three baptisms. Brother Joseph went to Itumpi and studied with an eager group, which resulted in three more precious souls being added to the church. The class on Genesis we have been teaching is now going to be taught by brother Boaz in which our six new first year students are getting their introduction to Bible study. We are all looking forward to the year filled with studies and church work strengthening the church for the cause of Christ in southern Tanzania. 

Garry L. Hill
Extension Coordinator
Chimala Bible Institute

Posted on February 3, 2013 .