Steven Ashcraft Visits The Work In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end. I do hope you are all doing great in health and the work of the Lord in your area. God is still sitting on the throne.

Rejoice with us for a new soul added to the kingdom. Our student Mbappe baptized brother Chico into Christ. May God bless him to walk according to his calling.

Studies are in progress at CBIW and we praise God for all the providence. The students who are sick are taking treatment from our first aid box.

The students of CBIW prepare for the first long courses exams beginning from the 18th of February. Keep them in your prayers to go through it without any problem.

The group of students at CBIW were in class doing their memory work on Christian Evidences. Minister Abasiama John is the instructor of that course this time around, and the students continue to benefit lots from it.

One month has passed and it is our idea that new students should not be given opportunity to do one or two things in the Wotutu congregation until they are one month old in CBIW. Brother Kevin led songs this morning.

We enjoyed a great cross section of members in our worship this Sunday morning with brother Steven Ashcraft who came all the way from Ghana.

Brother Steven preached this morning while I translated in Pidgin English for not only those in the church hall but the many people who can hear our sounds in their homes. Keep brother Steven in your prayers to enjoy his stay with us here till he returns to move on to Nigeria, his next stop.

The dream we had about establishing a congregation in Mile Four, which is a town near to Wotutu, was realized over this weekend. Mile Four is bigger than Wotutu and we pray the gospel will create something great in the lives of the inhabitants there.The gospel is for all.

The new congregation in Mile Four had 13 worshippers today. Keep this work in your prayers as we continue weekly to make known the name of Christ to many on our way.

By the end of the month we shall have mass evangelism with all the students in Ekona village for 4 days. Please keep that trip in your prayers that many will see the truth and obey it so that the Lord’s church in that area will continue to grow.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and concern. God bless you and watch over you. Continue to do what you are doing, it is helping us.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on February 10, 2013 .