New Term, New Students, New Roof, More Space...

I am happy to be able to send this report today. I pray all is well with you and all the brethren at Bear Valley. 

We are three weeks into our second term which began January 14, 2013. The calendar and details of academic work have been posted.

The new class now totals fifteen students. They have come from Northern Region (1), Volta Region (2), Eastern Region (3), Greater Accra Region (1) and Central Region (1); the remaining seven students are all from the Western region. With the five in the Senior Class we now have twenty students total in attendance at West Coast.

The new roof that was put on our classroom / administration block during vacation has given it a new look – very pretty. Inside the building, the merging of rooms and reinforcements that have been done have given us one large classroom that can take sixteen students. Our library is now twice its size – more room for shelves and books and for our students to sit and study. We are looking at the possibility of moving our computers (only three working) and copier and a printer (when we can afford one) into the library so that hard copies of materials students access could be made. I have a Canon flatbed scanner which I have sent to the school to be placed in the library. Gradually we shall get the ideal library we have been dreaming about – pray with us.

I have been down with pain in my back and hip and have been home most of three weeks of school. The pain is not all gone but mobility is better now and I hope to be able to resume teaching next week. I have only taught the introduction to my assigned courses for the term.  

We are in the harmattan season and the weather is dry and hazy throughout the country. We have had a couple of rains since beginning of the year but that has not helped to bring down the dust blowing all around us.

Brethren, pray for us and our country

Daniel K Ampadu-Asiamah

Posted on February 10, 2013 .