Nearing The End Of 2013...

The week ahead hosts one of the biggest holidays of the year, perhaps because it is more international in nature than others. The holiday is one where the focus is family oriented. For many, the time is centered around the birth of Jesus. For others, it is a time when gifts are exchanged, a meal is shared, and the fellowship of being together enjoyed. Regardless of how we  approach this time of year, it does afford us an opportunity to slow down for a few moments and reflect on the blessings provided by God.

This time also brings us nearer to the end of 2013. The speed at which time is flying by, it will not be surprising to blink and see us staring at the same situation a year from now. Looking at 2013 in the rearview mirror brings joy by considering the ways God has blessed the preaching of the gospel throughout the various locations where we are privileged to share in the work of extension training.

We are looking forward to sharing information about 2013 with all of you. A few of the totals are still coming in, but the preliminary results are exciting. The number of students who continue to be trained, the impact of graduates and the outreach of current students is growing the kingdom of our Lord in powerful ways.

Before heading into the reports for the week, we want to express our appreciation to each of you for all you do for the work of training preachers. From all the staff of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and the Extension Training program, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports 

You Shall Know The Truth: A recent open-air Bible Lectureship in Nigeria focused on the theme “You Shall Know The Truth.” 

Fifteen More Powerful Reasons: The news continues to demonstrate the power of God's word at work in the lives of the Tanzanian people.

Tanzania Christian Camp News: The last two reports from the Gee family shares updates from a recent event that had a wonderful impact on the work in Tanzania.

Final Thoughts
Once again, we thank you for your involvement in Extension Training. Without you, this work would not exist. Thank you. We pray God will continue to bless you in even greater ways as we move into the year ahead. We will continue to keep you informed as the program grows and develops in 2014.

God bless

Posted on December 22, 2013 .