The Gospel Continues To Bear Fruit...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end. We do hope this report meets you all in good health and a sound faith. Those of you in the USA, we send our special prayers to you and your family. We do hope the holiday of thanksgiving was great.

We are doing great here. God took us off from Wotutu to different locations and we made it back safe and sound. Most of our students and staff were involved in the National Annual Lectureship in Tombel, while some students went to where we are working to evangelize, nurture and do follow up as we do weekly to keep those congregations without preachers up and going.

I was able to be with some students already in Tombel. After our exams we were supposed to go to Tombel area for mass evangelism. We were able to walk up and down the street of Tombel. It was a great mission.

We were involved in house to house evangelism, meeting people and sharing the gospel in their home. Some did not have enough sits for all of us, so we were bound to sit with them on the floor to reach out with the gospel.

CBIW students put canopies up for accommodation from rain and from sun. It was great for our students to be of great help to the congregation there.

Sister Mercy Chang, who listened to us with keen attention, asked lots of questions concerning her belief and her life styles. We told her Jesus is calling and she obeyed the gospel. A total of 8 souls were added into the church in Tombel.

Our sermon this morning was “Thank You.” It is a word which is easier, but difficult and rare for many to use. It was time to provoke the Christians to think about what God had done, is doing and will yet do in their lives, for them praise Him and also to fellow humans. Many fail to say thank you, so the aim was to help many here put on the spirit of gratitude. Brother Ralph and his wife, sister Cindy, who were part of our worship today.

Brother Ralph is in Cameroon to teach in CBIW on the book of Galatians. They made it safe here and we encourage you to keep them in your prayers for good health and for them to accomplish what brought them here to help train men to preach the saving message.

Today was a day of joy in my family as my son Breedlove Elangwe turn 1 today. Many children in our congregation came together to sing, pray and celebrate with him. Keep the young man in your prayers, and us, so that we shall bring him up in the way of the Lord for him to impact his generation for the Lord’s glory.


Our students will leave Campus on the 9th of December for their last evangelistic campaign for this year. By next week we shall know how far and the number of congregations that they will go to preach and teach.


God bless you. Thank you very much for all that you are doing over here. God will reward you in due season.

Elangwe and family

By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on December 1, 2013 .