Success In The Tanzania 2000 Mission Work...

Greetings Fellow Servants;

Wow, what a month. God has answered your prayers and has blessed me with safe travels and much success in my travels and reporting. God also answered our prayers blessing Stephanie and Granny with safety as well. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Christian family that care and pray for us daily. Thank you all for all you do for the Kingdom, the Stafford family and the Tanzania 2000 mission work in general. 

My recent trip to the States, for the purpose of reporting on the work and fund raising for the various needs, was met with much enthusiasm and generosity. After traveling over 6,000 road miles into 8 different States, sleeping in no less than 14 different beds, presenting the work to nine different congregations, two mission committees, three Elderships and several individuals, sharing with each the good being done in Tanzania and throughout East Africa.  

We now have full funding for the new intake of 30 students for the 2014 intake. We have also received funds for half of the 2,500 Bibles goal. The monthly support Stephanie and I will lose at the end of the year has been committed. We have funds for 5 of the 10 sets of TFT commentaries we need. We received a lot of Bible teaching material from World Video Bible School in both English and Ki-Swahili. 

We have a very special challenge; A good brother in Christ has committed up to $5,000 in matching funds for printing the T.E.A.M. Booklet, Bible Correspondence Courses and Bible Tracts. So, for every dollar committed/donated we will get twice the value (bang of the buck). No donation is to small, please help us reach our printing goal for 2014 of $15,000. 

We are blessed with many talented men and women here in TZ, working side-by-side with us. One area that is so desperately needed is in the area of translation. We need men like our good brother Charles Heberth to do the work that God’s work might be done in a powerful way. Here is a snap shot of his work for the past month:

“In September, I taught a short course (1 week) in Hebrews here at the school followed by The Old Testament History 2 for six weeks. The same month, I started the edification program which was designed to enable members to be able to do evangelism and work for their own salvation. This is because of few workers which we have here at Kwa Mrombo. This program will end today (Thursday the 31st of October). This same month I started back on the translation of "Searching For The Truth" DVDs which I left off before the campaigns. All this is because of the support and prayers which you offer on our behalf daily. Thank you so much, Charles Heberth”

It is a blessing and privilege to work with such men. The joy we receive daily as we work hand in hand with our God and His Church is a most wonderful thing. We thank you all for your part in this work of God. As we strive to Glorify Him through our good deeds to the saving of lost souls, we invited you to join us. Join us when you can, where you can, as you can. Our hope and prayer is that our God will bless you all with a double measure this week as you SERVE your neighbor. 

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on November 3, 2013 .