Sadness And Joy At Kisongo, Tanzania...

"...the Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands..." Acts 7: 48 

Dear Co-Laborers:

Our deepest sympathy is extended to Keith Kasarjian and his family due to the sudden death of his father, Luke Kasarjian. Keith works with the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension schools having made numerous trips to Tanzania. From reading the post on Facebook, it seems that Mr. Kasarjian was an amazing Christian man who left behind a great legacy for his family.          

At the funeral of Bertha (member at Kisongo who passed away recently), Ahimidiwe seized the opportunity to invite all of her family and friends to worship with us today. People kept piling in until several of the  regular members were asked to sit outside so the guests could have a seat. We estimated about 225 in attendance (including about 40 guests). It was wall-to-wall people. Jimmy taught the Bible class on "The Deity of Christ" and preached a great sermon on "The Church." Due to bringing additional chairs from the ACSOP and Jimmy wanting to take advantage of teaching so many non-Christians, the Bible class and worship combined totaled 3 1/2 hours (with only a 5 minute break between services). Toward the end of service, tired Elijah whispered, "I like America church services better because on their soft benches you can sleep!" When he heard the first note of the last song he said, "Finally!" Abigail taught the children's class and Philiness taught the ladies on 1 Corinthians 13.

Among the crowd at Kisongo were short-term workers Tom Watkins and Chip Hill (arrived just Thursday night. They have already begun work in Engarenaibor (try to pronounce that!) near the Kenyan border, helping to build a church building. For the next 4 days, they will be holding Bible studies at Namanga and then returning to Engarenaibor to continue building. We've lost count of how many trips they've made to TZ. Tom and Chip are brother-in-laws (having married twin sisters). Also, Chip's daughter, Kaitlyn is married to the Staffords' son, Paul. 

Speaking of the Stafford's, Cy will travel with Jimmy next Saturday to the Kenya School of Preaching in Kisumu, Kenya to teach for two weeks. Jimmy is teaching two graduate classes, O.T. Criticism and Greek Readings (Ephesians). Cy will also be teaching two classes. Our girls are planning another sleep-over while Jimmy is away (last Friday, Mary and Miriam, 18-year-old twin daughters of Elly Martin, spent the night. We have known these beautiful girls since they were 6-years-old...and we have some stories! ha/ha) 

The Gaines family is trying to get more acquainted with the grocery stores and other places in town. In Arusha there are several nice grocery stores. The problem is that everything you need can't be found all at one place. We go to a separate meat market, separate fruit stand, 2 different grocery stores and another store to exchange our 20-liter water bottles and propane gas cylinders. Tiffany and Trina took our children swimming after our shopping (going to a total of 6 places).  The Gaines family worshipped at Arusha today where Daniel preached. 

Fifteen of Kisongo's youth group met at the church building on Saturday. Great news is that some of the youth invited a friend they had been studying with. After the class was over, their friend, Joel, was baptized!

During furlough, we presented the great work to be done through translating English Bible materials (commentaries, etc) into the Swahili language for the ACSOP students to use. Funds should be sent to the Bear Valley church of Christ (address on the left-hand side of this report).  Mark the check "Tanzania 2000 Translation Project." 

Thank you for your part in this growing and fruitful work. TZ 2000 director, Cy Stafford, said this in his report concerning the upcoming ACSOP graduation: 

"In three weeks, 14 faithful evangelists will graduate...These men will return to their home areas, excited, prepared and willing to do the will of the Father.  These good men have given of themselves for the past two years, and now they are ready to use their talents and knowledge to further the Kingdom..."   

Until next week, may the Lord bless and keep you!

With Love from Africa,

Jimmy, Trina, Lindsey, Abigail, Heather, Candace, Stuart, David, Naomi, Elijah and Matthew Gee

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Posted on November 10, 2013 .