Helping Young Minds Know Christ...

Dearest in Christ,

We bring love and gratitude to God for His great love towards us. We do hope you are doing great with the work and family. Last week went on well in CBIW, just for some students and members of our congregation who are sick. We continue to keep them in our prayers.

We travel out again for a call to help evangelize the community of Munyenge village which is really far from Wotutu with bad roads, which are too rocky because it is a mountainous community.

Brother Ekelle Theiry batized brother Rudrique into Christ. Keep him in your prayers to grow in the faith.

Brother Rudrique was buried with Christ in water baptism. God blessed the entire campaign with 5 precious souls. Keep them in your prayers because all of them are youths who are energetic for the work and to get their friends involved in Christ’s business in the future.

We divided ourselves again, with some students going to Ediki, Batoke and Mile Four closer to Wotutu.

Immediately we arrived Munyenge village with the long journey and bad road, we rested and early the next day we started house to house evangelism with the 3 instructors from CBIW and our students.

Sisters in Munyenge village welcomed us and they were very happy to cook food us throughout our stay in the village. We appreciated them for such a good gesture for the Lord.

We also had indoor lectures. I taught on the topic “Getting Married in the Lord.” It was good for many who desire to get into that institution.

Many came to our worship this morning in the village. The small wooden hall could not contain us. We sat outside under a canopy. A young lady, Ebang Yvette, sat next to me and was also baptized. She was overwhelmed to be part of the New Testament worship. She is the first in their home and is on a personal evangelism course to make Christ known to her staunch Roman Catholic background. She asked for tracts that we were unable to provide her with. Please help post some tracts for us if you have them. 

The first Christian school being run by us in our community, Brightland Christian Academy, is out to help these young minds know Christ and His church as they grow up. Our graduate, Nsong Nelson, is there daily to teach the Bible and to do devotionals daily with the kids and teachers. It is better to train children than to repair adults, that is what we are focus on. If God helps us train these children well, then the church of Christ in Cameroon will not be the same again in the near future. Please come join us achieve this vision.

The sign for Brightland Christian academy shows that the government of Cameroon gave us authorization to teach kids and young Cameroonians. Keep this work in your prayers.

We have changed the logo of our preaching school, thanks to brother Wes. We also changed our entire sign. We are moving ahead and God is blessing, we praise God.

1) We continue with the Ediki, Batoke work weekly.

2) We are called again to go and revive a dead congregation in Bafia village. We passed through the village on our way to Munyenge. It was an appeal from a sister and we have accepted. Everywhere with Jesus  we can safely go. Keep us in your prayers. Many Cameroonians are appreciative of the work that is going on in Cameroon because of CBIW. Many thanks and prayers goes to God for you who stand by us to accomplish God’s plan in our country.

We say thank you God for all that you do for the work here. We thank God daily for you as you stand by us and help us accomplish this great task daily. God alone will reward you and continue to watch over you, your family and the congregation where you worship. Do your best to share this report with others.

Elangwe and family.

By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on October 27, 2013 .