Joy In The Midst Of Difficulty...Help Is Needed

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters here. We do hope you are doing great in all that you do. God took us out to three different locations, as we are dividing the students in groups for weekend evangelism now. We have many who call us to come to their area.

This weekend we sent some students to Batoke, Ediki and Mbanga congregation while some students who were not sound in health remain in Wotutu congregation. As I write this mail all the groups made it back to Wotutu safe and sound. Thanks for your prayers for our travels.

In the midst of a sad situation we were still about to reach out to souls house to house, as sister Justine Owi obeyed the gospel in Mbanga. We worry that she will also go back because of the place of worship which is scripturally not important, but young converts need to grow up to that level to know that the place of worship does not mean a lot.

Several of us who were moving out of Wotutu were ready to get into our hired van for takeoff. We are always happy to move to reach out to souls. The students were excited. We think souls.

We made it safe to Mbanga. It is a village in the French speaking area of Cameroon, but they have some English speaking people. We made it safe there and started house to house evangelism without any waste of time the same day.

I was also able to help in doing some house to house evangelism. In CBIW we don’t point the way for our students, we show them the way  as we have passion for evangelism. We do everything possible to make our students love doing that which is good. Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism. This statement must sink into the hearts of our students before they are done with their two years of studies. God is our helper.

In this twenty-first century it is very unusual that some congregations in Cameroon don’t have a place of worship, nor even a rented place. The church of Christ in Mbanga worships under a tree. This place was giving to the church by a widow when she was converted for the church to meet there. This has been a major hindrance to the growth as many visitors and converts feel it is bad to worship God under such circumstances. They will accuse the church of being a secret cult. This scares many from obeying the gospel. We struggle to get a place that we can rent for the church, but the question is how will this young congregation afford paying the rent?

As we preached house to house, we were also struggling to get a house that will solve the present problem which is an urgent need to the work in Mbanga. We came to a place, a nice place where we can worship without any major problems again from visitors and new converts, but how will this young congregation afford to pay the rent?

Today was a great day in Mbanga congregation, as I negotiated with the care taker of the house to allow us worship there today. Inside the hall it was good, but what happens next week for Sunday worship? Keep the work in your prayers.

Sister Martha Mbong was baptized in Wotutu. Brother Mbappe, whose daughter is sick, could not follow us for mission. He and some others sick students were also involved in evangelism and God added sister Martha. She is the mother of the young convert from last week, brother Clovis. God has started His work in that family. Keep them in your prayers.

The students from Ediki congregation returned with good news about steadfastness among the Christians and love for the word. They are growing and renovating their debilitated building, as the sand and the molding of blocks are being formed. Keep this work in your prayers. The work is progressing well.

The students from Batoke came back with growth also. God is doing greater work as we move. Please keep us in your prayers as souls are being touched, congregations are being revived and strengthened. More will be done as we think souls and go out to rob from the strong man’s house.

We share by dividing the students again in groups this weekend. As we have a call to come over to Munyenge village for a weekend evangelism, it will not be easy for us to make the trip financially, but we are struggling to make it because mass evangelism with the students is always very expensive as we must hire a van to make it happen. Munyenge village is far from Wotutu with bad roads to get there, that makes it more expensive. God is a great provider. Keep this in your prayers.

Many thanks to you and your family for their prayers and support to make this happen. God bless you and will reward you in due season. Don’t relent your efforts, God sees.

Do your best to share this report with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director of CBIW

Posted on October 20, 2013 .