Graduation In Togo...

Richard Moseley arrived in Ghana on Friday the 20th of September. We (Steven, Richard and Willie) left for Kpalime on Saturday the 21st. We worshipped with the Nyiveme Church of Christ where one soul was baptized. Richard Moseley (an elder with the Gabriel Oaks Church of Christ) was the one who delivered the message.

On Monday the 23rd, at 9:00, we commenced the Leadership Seminar. I spoke on using our Gifts to build up the church. Richard spoke on the pPeacher and his Relationship to the Local Congregation, and Cephas spoke on the Principles of Christian Leadership. There were about 40 participants.

On Tuesday, the 24th of September, we joined all the members of the graduating class, all the new students, some former students, and instructors to embark on door knocking and Bible studies in Agou in preparation for church planting. However, it rained and we couldn’t continue with the exercise.

On Wednesday, the 25th, the campaign in Agou continued with tract distribution and Bible studies from house to house. The new students were paired with the graduating class. During the evening we had a film show with preaching using the Passion of the Christ.

On Thursday, the 26th, we spent part of the day visiting local congregations in the Kpalime area where former students were preaching. At about 5 pm that evening, the management of CBS organized a dinner in honor of members of the graduating class and their families.

On Friday, the 27th, we spent the day preparing the hall for the graduation program. We also met with the new students to become more acquainted with them.

Graduation day was the 28th of September, the big day. The program commenced at 10:00 am and closed about 1:00 pm. We had about 450 in attendance to witness the program.

On the 29th September, we held a thanksgiving service with a record attendance of 186 made up of some members of the local congregations in and around Kpalime and visitors. The new preachers officiated the entire worship service to the admiration of worshippers. We thank God that this ceremony has come and gone. We thank the Gabriel Oaks Church for supporting this program with prayers and financial support. We also appreciate all the support Steven Ashcraft provided in making this a success. We appreciate Richard Moseley for taking time out of his busy schedule to represent the Gabriel Oaks Church at the CBS graduation 2013.

Willie Gley

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Posted on October 13, 2013 .