A Vessel Of Honor For God's Glory...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters here. We do hope you are doing great and God is blessing the work of your hands. We are doing great and we praise God for His love toward us. Last week at CBIW was busy as usual. We do our best to make sure all that is lined up for us to accomplish is accomplished.

Brother Clovis Mbong smiled as he was about to be baptized. He is young and full with wisdom. We are encouraged by his seriousness and we pray God will use him as the only male in their family of girls to be a vessel of honor for God’s glory.

We give thanks to God for His care over us as we went out for visit family members and some congregations around the Kumba area with my entire family. It was a great experience for my boys who really felt it because they were not comfortable as they are use to in our home. We also stop to be part of a meeting organized by the Kumba town congregation for the church. It was also time to meet some of our graduates who are laboring day and night in the field. Many still think of CBIW and share their experiences with me, their visions, passions and difficulties with their families. I was sad that most of them who are married have children who cannot go to elementary and secondary school because they cannot afford it, and their congregations cannot also. Keep these men in your prayers. They are doing a great work for the Lord. Let them depend on Him.

Brother Forka Serge, a veterinary nurse, is at CBIW to start teaching the students some vocational training in agriculture and lifestock. Brother Forka taught our students how to start and maintain a poultry farm; this will go a long way to help our students in the future if the means are there to run it in their different locations. They can be independent financially, but continue to be dependent to God only for sustenance. Keep this vision in your prayers.

Last week, brother Dikana Masumbe (on the right) was the best student again on memory work and he won a suit and one of our lecturers, Itali Ignatius, offered him the gift. This exercise continues to help our students dig deep the Bible.

One of our students, brother Njume Kelvin, exhorted a prospect who has been following our radio program and he started worshipping with us. He was very inquisitive which shows he will grow. He is the second in their family to become a Christian. The gospel is still penetrating them.

Some CBIW students went to three locations for mission: Ediki, Batoke and Mile Four congregations. They returned with great news about the growth of those congregations.

A greater number of our students and I will be involved this weekend in the Mbanga congregation for house to house evangelism. Please keep our travels and the work in God’s hands. Mbanga is a young congregation.

God bless you and keep you for all for the great work you are doing here. He alone will reward you for the work. Do your best to share this report with others.

Urgent Needs
Many of our converts are in need of a Bible. Many converts that we made during other campaigns also need Bibles.

God bless you.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBI

Posted on October 13, 2013 .