Cameroon Ministry On The Grow...

Dearest in Christ,

We continue to say happy new year to you and your family. We pray this year will be a spectacular one for you as you continue to invest your time and self to reach out and expand the shores of the kingdom of God.

Valentine Angwambe obeyed the gospel this morning after worship. Three among the five visitors accepted the gospel. Keep them in your prayers as they walk with God. We shall use them by His grace to penetrate their families.

The first week of classes went on well with the BETA batch of students in CBIW. It is great and we praise God for all the students who are seeing the task that is not as easy as they thought of it before coming to CBIW. We continue to encouraged them to remain focused and God will help them to scale through. 

I was able to preach in the Wotutu congregation this morning. The Lord used me to bring forth the gospel on the topic “Salvation Only in Christ.” Over 150 of the population benefited a lot from our worship.

Keep this congregation in your prayers to continue with the work that is going on here.The community of Wotutu and other communities continue to be influenced by us.

Today we were blessed with 5 first time visitors. We thank God for our early morning radio program Back To The Bible. Many continue to listen and visit us to see if those things are so. One man came to worship and to see after following our radio program. Keep this program in your prayers because as we preach the gospel in the morning between 6000 and 10,000 people get the word of God from their beds before they could go to their farms.

CBIW continue to admired their studies here, we are already with 6 courses. How We Got The Bible, Old Testament 1, Christian Evidences, Cost of Discipleship, Use of English, Public Speaking and French language. You can see their sacrifice. Some of them will sleep with mattresses on the floor provided to them by the administration because there is no more space for beds. The number this time around increased and we decided to give them the opportunity to study the serving message, so that they will take the message out to many perishing souls. We shall continue to rob from the strong man’s house as we think souls.

Our ministry here is growing. The Brightland Christian Academy in Wotutu, which is really a young school, will add to the influence of the community as the first Christian school in our community. Many testify to the academic, social, mental and spiritual developments of their children. Our mission here is that if we succeed to show love and truth to these children, it will open ways for us to evangelize their parents. That is why one graduate from CBIW is stationed there to make sure the truth and morality of these children is in good shape daily. Keep this school in your thoughts and prayers. 

1) We plan to visit Bova congregation this month.

2) Batoke mission will be looked upon this time around. 

Many thanks to God for His love and care over us.Thank you for standing with us in all that is going on here in CBIW. God bless you and open doors for you and your family. We shall appreciate your comments. God bless you. 

Elangwe and family
By His grace director

Posted on January 13, 2013 .