Work Accomplished By TIBS Students And Graduates...

Greetings from Tamale! This report will focus on some of the work being accomplished by the graduates and students of the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies (TIBS). 

Work in the Salaga Area
Current TIBS student Matthew Donker comes from the village of Mbauwndo, located near the city of Salaga, here in the Northern Region. During the break between terms in August Matthew returned to Mbauwndo to do personal evangelism work in the village. Matthew reports that four souls were taught the gospel and added to the church through baptism for the remission of sins. Matthew will be returning to Mbauwndo after he graduates to continue teaching the gospel in the Salaga area. 

Work in the Saboba Area
TIBS graduate Bisaan Tibei Richard visited the Institute this past week with a report on the work that is going on in the Saboba area. We were extremely happy to see Richard as the school had been expecting to hear from him for some time. Richard’s report reads as follows:

I am very sorry for delaying in giving my report to you. It is not because I have had a chance but did not come, but because of sickness and other problems. This sickness and problems did not mean that I forgot the school or that I am putting aside God’s work which had been given to me by His grace. I am very seriously working, and others as well. On 9th June 2011 by God’s grace I have been able to establish one church at Buegmal, which now has 29 members. I was also able to renew the congregation at Tunbu in November of 2011. This year I baptized four additional people in Tunbu, raising their number from 32 to 36 members. 

We are especially thankful to hear about the renewal of the church in Tunbu. Throughout the Northern region there are a great number of villages where the church had been planted by short term missionary workers, but the members stopped meeting because there were no leaders or teachers once the mission team left. Villages like Tunbu are one of the main reasons for TIBS to continue training local men to become the leaders and teachers these congregations need. 

This year, in addition to his work in Buegmal and Tunbu, Richard also reported that he has been working with the church that meets in Sanguli, a village near Saboba of about 1000 people. He reports that the church there has 81 members and is involved with house to house evangelism work in order to continue growing the church.  

Work in the Bimbila Area
The TIBS student body will be headed to the town of Bimbila for a school campaign during the last week of October. In preparation for the campaign one of our current students from that area, Kwame Lot, went to Bimbila last weekend to make arrangements for sleeping rooms and a meeting place. 

To make a long story short, Lot was two days late returning from his trip. While looking for rooms Lot made a number of contacts with people who were interested in learning more about the church. The two extra days Lot stayed in Bimbila teaching resulted in a total of 10 baptisms! Arrangements are being made to have a teacher who will work in Bimbila until Lot graduates and can return to work there full time. With this type of initial response we are excited to return in October with all of our students.  

Closing Thoughts
This is just some of the work being done by the students and graduates of TIBS. However, there are many more villages which need preachers and leaders. That’s why the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies is here. Your support is making a difference in northern Ghana! 

In His service,
Tony Johnson

Posted on September 30, 2012 .