God Abundantly Blessed The Campaign In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from the staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation. We are delighted to share our reports with you. We do hope this report finds you all in your family and the family of God in good health and sound faith.

We were all happy to welcome all the students back from one week campaign in different locations and one week vacation with their families. The students made their way back on campus safe and sound with most of them with good health. The few with bad health will be looked upon soon as we shall get drugs for them. Their bad health is as a result of bad weather conditions and much strained as they carry out their work. To God be the glory.

Brother Emmanuel Kebila in Bali Village looked intently into the scriptures beside the river to make a confession and to put on Christ. He is a receptionist at the chief of that village office. Our students left our campus with a letter addressed to the chief stating that a student from our school will be in his community. We are doing that for security reasons, but it helps the students start sharing the gospel with those in the royal compound and the gospel gets into the heart of those who are deep into all kinds of devilish rituals.

By the grace of God, brother Emmanuel obeyed the gospel. The Lord can use him now to penetrate the royalty in that community. The campaign this time also was with the wives of married students and it is making news of a great wind of change blowing across the church in Cameroon. Many will lift up their hands to pray to God for the school and the work you are doing through us. You are in the prayers of many over here. God will not pass you by when He comes to reward His servants.

Some of the roads students used to get to their places of work were rough. Rainy season in Cameroon is causing lots of problem because of the deplorable roads. Some students trekked long distances because big trucks will block roads for days, so if you keep waiting, your work will remain so you are bound to trek with your leg to meet up with your calling.

The roads may be bad, but our goal must be attained, which is as we think souls and ready to rob from the strong man’s house, we must go. Brother Nicholas went to the village of Mbakwa Supe preaching house to house to make known Christ to many that he will meet. Evangelism is our mission, and our mission is evangelism.

This mission work was in more than 17 congregations because some students were assigned to extend their tentacles of evangelism in nearby villages. The Lord worked in them and 15 souls were added into the Body of Christ and 53 souls were restored back to the fold.

A new congregation was established in Ntesah village in lebialem and this makes the second congregation to be established in that division. One congregation was also restored in the French speaking part of Cameroon called Kombe where brother Ititi Benedict traveled. 7 souls who have stayed above 7 years without worshipping because there was no preacher to lead. Oh oh oh the field is really ripe but the laborers are few. Oh these 17 men will help the growth of the church here in Cameroon upon their graduation on the 20th of December 2012. Keep them in your prayers that they will validate all their courses and be ready to go into the field full time to evangelize Cameroon.

We start classes tomorrow for the last quarter. Keep all the staff and students in your prayers for all to move well for the glory to go back to God as we plan to graduate our alpha batch. We pray that you will stand by us to realize this dream.

1) Next week, by His grace, we shall establish a new congregation in Batoke. Keep the work in your prayers. We have been planning to do so for long, if all the means will be there to transport the entire students and some members of our congregation.

2) We shall continue to send out our students for these 3 months on weekend evangelism to keep nurturing the congregations. Many congregation have applied to fully engage our students, but their cry is HOW SHALL WE DO THIS? God alone knows how far we can go.

God bless you the more for availing yourself for God to use and He is accomplishing His will through you. God bless you as you share this report with others who may love to be part of the work here in Cameroon.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on September 30, 2012 .