A Birthday, A New Brother, And Two Baptisms At Hidden Valley...

Dear brothers,

It is great to tell you that these 2 weeks have been a great blessing for all of us here. Brother Jerry and sister Paula Bates were here in Chandigarh and left to visit other places on Friday. 

Brother Rodney has been teaching and he has started teaching from the book of Corinthians after completing his studies on the Prison Epistles. We had arranged last week a gospel meeting especially for them and brother Jerry preached there. He also preached in Ludhiana, 100 kms from here (where Noble lives). We had a good gathering there too. On Friday, after brother and sister Bates' left we had the regular Bible class in PGI at 7 pm. 

We have been very busy and enjoying the fellowship of each other. Today was brother Rodney's 39th Birthday. It was a joyful day as one of our students insisted us to baptize him and we took the opportunity. We took all the students to the Hidden Valley, where 2 precious souls were added to the church according to the promise. 

Brother Rodney will be 3 more days with us and will teach till Friday morning and also preach in the Wednesday class. But today was a memorable day as we witnessed 2 souls obeying the Lord. 

Earnest Gill

Posted on September 30, 2012 .