Pray For The Church In Uganda and Congo...

Dear brethren, 

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We hope that you are all doing fine in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are doing fine here in Uganda. We thank you all for the support you are giving to us in one way or another. Through your finances and prayers, the Lord is helping us to accomplish his great work of soul saving in East and Central Africa.

Nandwa Church of Christ (Uganda)
Christians at Nandwa church are doing fine. Brother Benson Outa, an older brother in the Kiswahili class who is from Kenya, with four students from Congo, are now working with Nandwa church. Ouma Hillary our graduate of March this year, an old member of this church, is also working with them. Ouma Hillary today taught the adult Bible class about giving and  brother Embamba from Congo preached about faith during the church service. They both did a good job. They showed a lot growth in the way they all applied the scriptures. Today, Paul and Susan did not attend service. When they were planing to go to Nandwa, their child, Wechesa Jr., fell sick and they took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed having malaria. He was admitted, so please remember him in your prayers. 

Bulang'i church of Christ (Uganda)
This morning we left Busia with Margaret on a motorcycle as my old Surf could not make it. When we reached Lumino, which is the trading center near Nandwa church. I decided to put her on another motorcycle to Nandwa and I branched to Bulang'i to see if I could worship with them. When I arrived there I found brother Odwori Silvano our graduate still at his home which is next to the church building. His wife had gone to get some potatoes from the garden. When I asked him when they start service he told that they start late and today they did not have the fruit of the vine. I could not help them as I had not carried some with me. I decided to go to Nandwa for worship. 

Namungodi church of Christ (Uganda)
Emmanuel Mawa and Edith do attend church service at this church. Emmanuel is currently the one working as the preacher of this congregation. They are doing fine. These days they have started learning songs before they start worship. Emmanuel, being not from Samia land, is also learning how to sing songs of Lusamia Lugwe. Edith says that he is coming up well. He will soon be a good song leader. Emmanuel will be finishing school in January. 

Nahayaka church of  Christ (Uganda)
Wandera Peter, the youngest student in English class, is working at this congregation together with one student from Congo. They are meeting in the home of an old man who is also sick, but loves the Lord very much. They are still worshiping only with the family of this old man as people do not want worship in  peoples homes. They say that worship is only done in the church, meaning the church building. If we want more people to start visiting that congregation, there must be a change of a place of worship. Pray for this congregation so that we may get a place to rent for them until they grow and start paying for the place themselves. 

Baraka church of Christ (Congo)
Brother Mutndjwa Kipimo, the preacher of this congregation, said that they are doing fine and last week they had a baptism. Pray for Congo brethren so that there could be peace in that country.

May God bless you all. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. 

Yours In Christ,
Francis, Margaret and Edith Wechesa

Posted on September 16, 2012 .