Let The Campaigns Begin In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept greetings from the staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation. We praise God for you over there and we do hope you are doing great.

God blessed us again last week by adding sister Patience Wase into His body here in Wotutu. Keep this pregnant sister in your prayers that all will go well with her and through her, the husband will one day obey the truth.

We just concluded our worship of God today under severe rain, but God blessed us to have 87 in attendance and 1 visitor. Rainy season is still on in Cameroon making the weather good for our garden and plant life.

As I write this mail all the students of CBIW are away from the campus to 17 different communities for their last evangelism exercise as they round up their studies by 20th of December 2012 for the alpha graduation.

As I write this report brother Brandon Watson from Texas is flying over the sky on his way to meet with his family and his congregation, please keep him in your prayers. After this report I will be taking brother Robert Prater to the airport in Douala to fly out to Germany where he is serving as a missionary. Keep him also in your prayers. We appreciate God for their good health throughout their stay with us here. We were blessed with their time both in the school and our congregation.

The students and the visiting lecturers stood with me for a family picture and also to express our appreciation to God for a successful end of the short courses, Denominational Doctrines and the book of Hebrews. Our tombs were up again, as usual a strong sign to comfort ourselves that we are not alone.

Immediately after the family picture, students were set to collect transport and grape juice to far away villages for their campaign. We do our best to buy these brand of fruits of the vines because many congregations in those villages use alcoholic wine for the Lord’s supper. We are advocating seriously against that, and we pray God will help us make the church of Christ in Cameroon pure from all stuff.

Our students also help us in the distributions of the Teachers Bible to preachers, leaders and denominational “pastors” in faraway villages. This will help blend the doctrine of Christ in Cameroon and also help spread the saving message to denominational leaders. Giving the Bibles to denominational leaders is the aim of the producer, brother Roger Dickson. Brother Dickson is a missionary in Cape Town, South Africa.

As usual, whenever we are sending our students for campaign, and also say goodbye to our visiting instructors, we organize a small fellowship meal. This time around popcorn and peanuts were the combination to keep us together as we say safe trip to both the students and the visiting instructors.

1) Within this week I will do my best to check on some of the students in their respective place of campaign.

2) More evangelism to virgin land is being studied now before the students will resume school on the 29th of September.

We faced difficulties in sending students out because of the rainy season that has destroyed most of our roads, and because of this transportation from Wotutu to those campaign sites was not easy. But thanks be to God who helped all of them to get to their destinations without much problems. Some of them trekked by foot long distances inside the forest.

Many thanks goes to God for His great care over us and His love for all of us. The students in our congregation and the orphans in our congregation are all back in school. We thank God for you and for your deep prayers and concern over the work here. God bless you all and keep you to do more for His glory.

Do your best to share this report with others. God may touch someone to be part of this soul winning ministry.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on September 16, 2012 .